10 Controversies That Shook The Entire Royal Family: Prince Harry's Name Takes Up The Majority

Salena Harshini |Mar 17, 2021

The members of the monarchy have had the most scandalous controversies ever. See who have stirred up the clan besides Meghan and Harry.

Known as the most famous and influential clan in the world, the English royal family always remains the spotlight of attention. And they have been embroidered in many ink-spilled controversies. See the 10 royal family scandals that got tongues wagging quite long ago.

Princess Margaret loved a married normal man

Captain Peter Townsend is a Royal Air Force officer, 16 years older than the princess. He was married and had two children.

The two's secret love sparked gossips when Peter divorced his wife to propose Margaret in 1953. However, neither the church nor the British royal family accepted this marriage.

Princess Margaret And Peter Townsend
Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend in a picture.

In 1955, Princess Margaret announced the cancellation of her marriage to Townsend. She then went on to give up her wedding with another man before meeting photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones.

However, Antony was not her destiny as he was flirtatious and did not respect his wife. They played tits for tats until 1978 then divorced.

Princess Diana’s leaked recorded calls with her "boyfriend"

In 1992, the British newspaper published a recording of the conversation between Diana and James Gilbey. He repeatedly confessed his love for the princess and called her by the intimate name "Squidgy".

Diana And James Gilbey
Gilbey also denied suggestions that he and the princess were romantically involved.

After that, Diana said it was true that she had a conversation with this person. However, there was no shady relationship between them.

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Prince Charles had an affair

Not long after, the adultery scandal of Prince Charles and his ex-lover Camilla was revealed. The recording of their phone call proves that they were having an affair behind Princess Diana’s back.

Prince Charles And Camilla
People were not happy to see their affair but the two are still together until now.

Prince Charles even boldly said that he wanted to be a tampon in Camilla's pants which terrified the public.

Prince Harry used Marijuana

At the age of 17, Harry admitted to Prince Charles that he was addicted to marijuana. It prompted his father to send him to a rehab center. The royal family said Harry had agreed to go to the clinic "to learn about the possible consequences of using cannabis".

Prince Harry Used Marijuana
He used to smoke marijuana and agreed to enter rehab.

However, the press reported that he had quarreled with others there and only stayed for exactly one day.

Sarah Ferguson’s infidelity

Sarah Ferguson (also known as Fergie) is the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Prince Charles’s father. Six years after the wedding, she was photographed taking a vacation with an American CFO, John Bryan.

Sarah Fergusons Infidelity
The toe scandal actually removed Fergie from the royal family.

The front page of The Sun published a photo of a topless picture of Fergie sprawled out in a chair. Meanwhile, Bryan was stroking her toes. After the shocking scandal, she and Prince Andrew separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.

Prince Harry dressed in Nazi attire

In January 2005, The Sun published a photo of Harry wearing a Nazi armband while attending a costume party.

Prince Harry Dressed In Fascist Attire
Prince Harry has been in many royal family scandals.

He just turned 20 years old that year. Under the pressure of public opinion, Harry apologized for this "incident".

Prince Harry wore nothing at a party

In 2012, Harry continued to cause trouble when his partying pictures in Las Vegas were exposed. Reportedly, this was the result after he and his group of friends performed a striptease billiard game.

Prince Harry
While Prince William seems to have no involvement in royal family scandals, Harry is a frequent name.

Prince Andrew out of the British royal family due to pedophile scandal

Virginia Roberts, the girl in the photo below, accused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein forced her to sleep with Prince Andrew in 2001. At that time, Virginia was only 17 years old.

Prince Andrew And Virginia Roberts
One of the most massive royal family scandal includes Prince Andrew's allegation.

Despite denying this, Prince Andrew admitted the friendship between him and Epstein. After the shocking scandal, he resigned from his royal service.

Harry and Meghan left the royal family

In January 2020, the couple announced their renunciation of the royal status. At the time, Harry and Meghan said they wanted to be "financially independent" and make time for their own lives.

After participating in the last event in March 2020, the two flew to California (USA) and have lived there until now.

Meghan Markle In Oprah Winfrey Interview 2
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle created one of the biggest royal family scandals at present.

Harry and Meghan denounced their family members

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple revealed the conflicts between them and the royal family. Also, they have also claimed to uncovered many other gruesome stories.

From how they concerned over how dark baby Archie would be to other allegations, the stories have made headlines. However, Buckingham Palace has denied discrimination against the Sussex family.

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