Hillary Clinton Finds The Cruelty Shown To Meghan Markle Was Outrageous

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 10, 2021

The US former First Lady Hilary Clinton shows strong support to the former Duchess of Sussex while her exclusive interview is still doing the rounds.

While the controversy between Meghan Markle and the British Royal family has just sparkled again after the interview with Oprah, the acclaimed American politician and former First Lady finally vocal on the case, addressing the ‘cruelty’ that the Duchess of Sussex suffered while living in the Royal Family is ‘outrageous”.

Speaking to the Washington Post a day after the interview is broadcasted, Ms Cliton revealed that she found it “so heart-rending to watch”. The former First Lady of the US also added that she met the Duch and Duchess of Sussex as well as Harry’s late mother Princess Diana in person earlier.

Hillary Clinton Meghan Markle
The US Former First Lady Hilary Clinton shows strong support to Meghan Makler upon the dispute with the Royal family

Meghan was not going to keep her head down

Apart from showing empathy and support to Meghan, Ms. Clinton also pointed her finger at the bureaucracy of both the Royal Family and the UK establishment and press. According to the former presidential candidate, just like many other public figures, she has experience with the UK news agency which she addressed as ‘tabloids’ in the past. However, the way the UK press treated the American Duchess of Sussex is “cruel and outrageous”.

Meanwhile, she also praised Meghan for being bold and courageous as the former Royal Family member dared to keep her head up and face off the famous family in the media. Ms. Clinton also added that Meghan didn’t receive enough support from the Royal Family as well as the UK press in the past and moving out is what she needs to do to live the life she wishes.

Meghan Markle In Oprah Winfrey Interview 2
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's exclusive interview with Oprah has been taking the world by storm for the past few days

The shocking interview

Earlier, the former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle had an exclusive interview with Oprah about her experience living in the Royal Family. The interview took the world by storm for shocking truths about the most famous family on earth.

According to Meghan, it was a stressful period of time for the young lady as there was time she didn’t want to live. She also revealed more about the drama with Kate Middleton and the skeptic of the family on her baby’s skin tone.

Meghan Baby Skin
Meghan revealed that her baby skin tone was questioned by some Royal Family member

While the world is split with mixed opinions regarding the interview and controversies around the Royal Family, the British Monarchy has yet to make any official response upon the biggest media scandal of the family over the last decades.

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