9 Royal Princesses Of The World That Lead An Ordinary Life But Don't Forget Their Royal Duties

Salena Harshini |Mar 19, 2021

Not forgetting their duties, these royal princesses are also appreciated by their people for their authentic character.

Princesses today not only represent the royal at high-end occasions. The majority of them prove that they also have dreams, responsibilities, aspirations at work and in life like any other human.

Here is the compilation of royal princesses of the world whom people truly appreciate. And it is not just their authentic and graceful character that attracts. It is for their work in daily lives that helps bring the monarchy closer to their people.

1. Keisha Omilana of Nigeria

The stunning wife of the Nigerian prince actually came from California. She first entered the fashion world as a model for beauty brands and international clothing.

Keisha Omilana
Prince Kunle Omilana's wife is a fashion design major.

Touted as a “working princess”, she stresses the empowerment of youth and women, In 2017, she started A Crown of Curls, a project which focuses to care for and maintain curly hair.

2. Märtha Louise of Norway

Martha Louise is the eldest daughter of Norwegian King Harald V and Queen Sonja. For the unknown, she completed her physiotherapy studies in the Netherlands but never took on this profession practically.

Mrtha Louise Of Norway
Though she married a Danish writer and has 3 daughters, she never stepped down from her princess position.

Her true passion is literature. The princess began a business in TV storytelling and writing children’s books.

3. Esther Kamatari of Burundi

Although she retains the Princess of Burundi title, a nation in East Africa, the royal was in fact abolished in the 60s.

Esther Kamatari Of Burundi
Esther is one of the most stunning royal princesses of the world.

However, Esther Kamatari went to Paris. Ever since then, she has contributed to modeling. In fact, she also works as a writer.

4. Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland

She was probably among the most multifaceted princesses in the work world getting married to Duke of Värmland. Princess Sofia was a model, a waitress, and a yoga center owner in New York.

Princess Sofia Duchess Ofvrmland
Princess Sofia volunteered to work in hospitals amid the pandemic.

She is also famous for having located in Africa to help those in need. The latest activity that puts her on everybody’s screen was her commitment to volunteering in a hospital.

8. Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange

The young Princess of Orange is only 17 although she is the first in line for the throne.

Catharina Amalia Princess Oforange
She speaks three languages fluently including Spanish as her mother was born in Argentina.

She was schooled in public schools for primary and secondary education, like her father, King Willem-Alexander.

9. Anne, Princess Royal

The princess is always fond of horseback riding and even competed for the UK in the Montreal Olympics in the 1970s.

Anne Princess Royal
If you have not known, she is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Moreover, she dedicates herself to charity. She has been the president of a popular NGO.

5. Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant

Elisabeth Thérèse Marie Hélène, Princess of Belgium and Duchess of Brabant, is the first in the line of succession to the throne.

Elisabeth Duchess Ofbrabant
The Duchess Of Brabant, is among the youngest royal princesses of the world

The 19-year-old girl is about to have obligatory military training so that she can be a future queen.

6. Katherine, Crown Princess of Yugoslavia

Among all the royal princesses of the world that you know, Katherine Batis is probably the top all-round figure. The royal member was born in Greece but her childhood was in Switzerland.

Katherine Crown Princess Ofyugoslavia
She had studied business in America and lives in four regions including Australia and Africa.

The brilliant woman also speaks fluently 4 languages and is fascinated by music and literature. The Crown Princess of Serbia/Yugoslavia and Prince Alexander of Serbia married in the 80s. She is in fact his second wife.

7. Miriam, Dowager Princess of Turnovo, Duchess in Saxony

Doña Miriam Ungría y López is a descendant of a Spanish royal family. Although she studied geography and history in Madrid, her craft and passion have been jewelry design forever.

Miriam Dowager Princess Ofturnovo Duchess Insaxony
Dowager Princess of Turnovo has a happy married life.

Currently, she lives in London and spends her time on her luxury jewelry line.

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