Piper Cherri: White Porn Star Surrounded By Five Black Men, Do You Remember Her?

Salena Harshini |Jul 14, 2020

If you can recognize, this adult movie actress is the famous white girl surrounded by five black men - the viral photo on all platforms.

Piper Perri, you may have not heard of this name, but one thing quite certain that you may have seen her somewhere. The porn actress is famous for her bold adult videos and also the legendary meme that has been viral for years.

Piper 10
Piper Cherri got viral around the world with one sole pic> Check out her hot photos below!

Piper Perri surrounded has been a superior meme material ever since its release in 2015. It refers to a series of subjects and edited image macros of Piper Perri sitting on a couch while standing behind are five black men. The situation is quite clear, knowing the fact that she is an X-rated star.

Origin of Piper Perri surrounded meme

On 9 October 2015, an adult movie website released the Orgy Is the New Black video which is a pornopgraphic movie showing Piper Perri engaged in sexual acts with five different black men.

Piper Perri
The famous Piper Perri surrounded meme

The theme of this footage is the derivation of famous Netflix show Orange Is The New Black in which a Caucasian woman is imprisoned in a women’s jail.

A couple of months later, an anonymous user of 9GAG uploaded an object-labeled picture from the video of the porn actress sitting in front of the men. And since then it has been extremely viral.

Facts about Piper Cherri

So who is exactly Piper Cherri, the hardworking girl in this viral photo? Here are some facts about the actress.

Piper 5
The porn actor in one of her alluring shots

Perri Piper’s real name is Julienne Frederico. She took the name Piper after the main character of Orange Is The New Black.

She was born on 5 June 1995 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

Piper 9
The now 25-year-old Perri has not been seen online for a while

Her mother also worked in the porno industry, although just for a bit.

Piper Perri is around 4 feet 9 high and only weighs around 41 kilos. She may not look as fiery as other porn stars, but she is a famous character in the adult world.

Piper 6
She may not be tall or curvaceous, but she is very famous in the field

The petite porn star was in her late teenage years when she ventured into the world of adult films. She decided to join in November 2014 after splitting from a bad relationship.

Piper 1
She joined adult films after a breakup

She is a fan of Sasha Grey and her work in the industry.

Piper Perri has collected 647 thousand followers on Instagram and 222.9 thousand followers on Twitter.

Piper 8
Followers are still waiting for her comeback

In 2016, Perri was one of the most-watched adult movie actresses. However, it seems that she has not been very active in the recent couple of years.

Piper 4
She became a household name after the unexpected viral meme

Piper 7

Piper Perri was nominated for AVN awards a lot of times. However, she didn’t win any.

Some unknown sources reported that she may be bisexual. However, no official information on her sexual orientation has been confirmed.

Piper 2
Mirror selfie

Piper likes to embrace her onscreen freaky side. But she has been off the screen for quite a while. Fans are still wondering why.

Piper 2
Although she has been offline for a while, the meme doesn't let people forget about her

Now, through her work in the industry, Piper Perri net worth has increased over the years. Now, her estimated net worth is around $1-5 million.

Variations of Piper Perri memes


Piper Meme

Piper Perri Meme


Piper 3
How the tables have turned

Since then, similar memes have mushroomed around various websites with myriads of variations. From cartoon-edited to minimalist edit, the meme has gone crazy mainstream around the world and it seems to not stop being viral any soon.

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