New Halloween Movie Hits $91.8 Million At Global Box Office

Maanyata Thu |Oct 22, 2018

One of the most famous movies of all time, Halloween, is back. Although it has been forty years since the film came out in the cinema, it is still drawing audience attention

One of the most famous horror films of all time, Halloween, is back after forty years. Although it has been forty years since the film came out in the cinema, it is still drawing audience attention. According to Universal Pictures on Sunday, Halloween reached in an estimate of $77.5 million in sales ticket. This makes the film become the second all-time biggest horror opening weekend. In global revenue, Halloween also earned $14.4 million dollars from 23 markets, which makes its global total to $91.8 million dollars.

The movie ranks 1st at the North American box office. Also, it scores the second-biggest horror movie of all time for its opening weekend. The first place belongs to the horror film “It”. Moreover, the movie stood as the second biggest October weekend opener, only behind Sony’s Venom released earlier this month. According to the studio, it is also the largest movie opening ever with an over 55-year-old female lead, starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

David Gordon Green will be the director of the new Halloween movie. The movie follows Laurie Strode (starred Jamie Lee Curtis), who is preparing to face Michael Myers in a final confrontation.

The new movie has received many positive from critics and audience. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 80 percent of fresh rating while on Cinema Score, Halloween receives a score of B+.

Miramax cooperated with Blumhouse, the studio created Get out and other low budgeted horror movies, to produce Halloween. They only invested $10 million dollars to make this film.

The studio expects that Halloween will enjoy a much longer life than other classic horror movies usually dropping off after their first weekend.

Halloween takes the No.1 spot of comic-book film Venom and it collected $18.1 million in its third weekend in the cinema.

Meanwhile, romantic film, “A star is born”, holds in second place for its third weekend with $19.3 million dollars.  The film, directed and starred by Bradley Cooper, tells about the story of a drinking musician falling in love with a younger singer.

Biographical drama, First Man, takes the fifth place in its second weekend earning $8.6 million dollars.

Besides, several well-received indies also made their debuts. At the top was Jonah Hill's debut director work Mid90s which opened in four theaters with $249,500.

The film Can You Ever Forgive Me tells a story about the literary forger Lee Israel, earned $150,000 in five locations.

This year's October has become a strong box office month. Most interesting movies released in this month attract a lot of audience coming to the theaters.


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