These Sexy Photos Of “Love Wedding Repeat” Female Cast Will Make You Watch It Right Now!

Hanima Anand |Apr 11, 2020

Just released yesterday, Love Wedding Repeat has gone viral for its intriguing story and the beautiful cast. Before we can compose a detailed review about the plot, let’s take a look through its sexy female cast!

Love Wedding Repeat, the newly released romantic comedy is written and also directed by Dean Craig has stormed Netflix fans with its twisted plot and the beautiful cast, especially our sexy heroines!

Let’s see who we have here in the charming list of Love Wedding Repeat female cast!

Olivia Munn Actress
The female lead role in Love Wedding Repeat, and now you know why it's so hot!

1. Olivia Munn (as Dina)

Lisa Olivia Munn is the sexy American actress who is coming to her 40s already, but her beauty and charm seems to be increasing with time.

Olivia Munn Sexy Photo
The actress knows how to draw attention with her strength!

She was born in July 3 in 1980 in Oklahoma in US and has joined the filming industry since 2004.

Olivia has participated in various series in movies such as The Newsroom, X-Men: Apocalypse and The Daily Show.

Olivia Munn Love Wedding Repeat Cast
The sexy Olivia Munn at her age of 39

2. Aisling Bea (as Rebecca)

Aisling Bea started as an Irish actress before developing herself into a stand-up comedian in 2011. She often appeared in British sitcoms and sketch comedy shows.

Aisling Bea Love Wedding Repeat Cast
The Irish actress owns a sweet beauty.

Aisling was also a writer for some popular comedy series including This Way Up.

Aisling was born on March 16, 1984 which means she is 36 now.

Aisling Bea Lovely Photo
She follows a smart beauty figure.

3. Freida Pinto (as Amanda)

We bet this is the girl you are looking for – Freida Selena Pinto, the talented Indian actress who have starred in many British and American movies.

Freida Pinto Love Wedding Repeat Cast
Who didn't recognize our Mumbai girl in the movie? Photo credit: Esquire.

Freida was born on 18 October 1984 in Mumbai and studied at St. Xavier’s College. Despite majoring in English literature, she was inspired by Sushmita Sen and decided to pursue modeling and acting career after graduation.

Freida Pinto Sexy Pic
The beautiful actress promotes Indian beauty to the world.

She started her first steps in the industry in 2005 and has participated in many successful commerfial projects, namely Trishna, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Girl Rising, Desert Dancer or Love Sonia.

4. Eleanor Tomlinson (as Hayley)

This is the youngest actress in our Love Wedding Repeat female cast list today.

Eleanor is just 27 years old and she is an English actress and singer. However, she has also joined the industry since 2005 and gained recognition for her performance in Jack the Giant Slayer or The While Queen.

Eleanor Tomlinson Love Wedding Repeat Cast
Sexy, free and single! That's Eleanor Tomlinson!

Eleanor starred in two big projects in 2020, Love Wedding Repeat and Squadrone 42 and she will play an important role in The Nevers released next year.

Eleanor Tomlinson Sexy Photo
The girl looks extremely charming in whatever dress she chooses.

Are those gorgeous Love Wedding Repeat female cast enough to convince you to watch this movie? We guess they definitely did it.

Leave your comments below in the box to give others feedback of Love Wedding Repeat if you watched it! Thank you!

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