Kevin Hart Possibly Return To Oscars Stage After His Refusal

Priyansh Ha |Jan 06, 2019

DeGeneres really wants Hart to come back as she said only Hart can bring the “sophistication, class and hilarity” to the stage.

There are possibilities that Kevin Hart will return as the host of Oscars 2019 after refusing the offer lately. Speaking in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Ellen DeGeneres has defended him despite an uproar revolving around his past homophobic tweets.

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Kevin Hart

DeGeneres used to host the award ceremony a few times before. She contacted the academy and asked them to review Hart's matter. According to her, Hart was definitely their favourite. The Academy, however, thought that he misunderstood their points somehow. Anyway, they would do anything for Hart to host the Oscars.

Opening up in Ellen's talk show, Hart said he would think carefully if he was fond of repeating the role. He promised the talk show presenter he will evaluate this suggestion. Also, he expressed his pleasure to be present at her show. "It was as authentic and real as I could have hoped that it would be," he confided.

Stepping Down Within 2 Days After Receiving The Offer

Last December, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that Hart will be the host of Oscars 2019. 2 days later, however, the comedian stepped down in the midst of an argument about his resurfaced old tweets.

Initially, he decided to pass on the gig instead of giving any apologies for the remarks. Only an apology was offered to the LGBTQ community later.

Ellen Counsels Hart To Ignore The Comments

DeGeneres really wants Hart to return as she said only Hart can bring the “sophistication, class and hilarity” to the stage. She also counsels him to ignore online censure.

It’s unusual for an invited host to refuse the Academy's offer as the way Hart did although it’s one of the biggest challenges to the presenter.

The 2019 Oscars award ceremony will occur on February 24.


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