TV Host Ellen DeGeneres Slammed For Calling Quarantine Time As In Jail

Ankita Chetana |Apr 08, 2020

After landing a new episode of the talk show, Ellen DeGeneres has been criticized over her joke about quarantine time on social media.

In the time of lockdown, Ellen DeGeneres returns to the screen with her chat show named The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Due to the dangerous outbreak of COVID-19, the show's schedule was postponed and two days ago, it made a stellar comeback and promises to release the coming episodes. Taking to Twitter, the TV host shared a tweet with a heartwarming message that read:

"I'm thinking of you and sending love to you all. There's no better way for me to do that than from my show."

Joining the latest episode of the show, dancer Stephen Boss was the celeb guest. He talked about what he did during the quarantine time with fans. Watch the full show here:

It would be a great presentation of the TV show for fans over the world if Ellen didn't crack the game. She has been widely known for her sense of humor and upbeat sarcasm making everyone burst into laugh. But this time, it doesn't work and even bites her. She joked:

"This is like being in jail. It's mostly because I've been wearing the same clothes for ten days and everyone in here is gay. The jokes that I have."

Negative Comments On Ellens Joke
Source: Twitter
Reaction From Netizen On Ellens Joke
Source: Twitter

By this joke, Ellen DeGeneres got a lot of criticisms from netizens for a 'silly' comparison. They indicated that the world is under a dangerous situation and there have been several cases of coronavirus in jails throughout the country.

Coronavirus Case In Jail
"One of the most concentrated coronavirus outbreaks in the world is happening in NYC’s biggest jail complex...The jail’s top doctor called the situation a “public health disaster"...One inmate said: "A lot of us are going to be going home in body bags." (Source: Twitter)

Though her show's representatives haven't had any responses to the fierce reactions from the audience, the criticisms seem to commit an end for her.


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