Ellen DeGeneres Young Pics | Inspiring Life Story and Her Groundbreaking Coming-Out Moment

Leela Adwani |Aug 09, 2020

Unseen pictures of Ellen DeGeneres at her young age and her life-changing story!

It goes without saying that Ellen Lee DeGeneres is everyone’s favorite television hot. The American comedian has long been considered a much-loved celebrity for her funny but friendly public demeanor. As the audiences get too familiar with her middle-aged look with blonde short hair, suits, or jeans, many are curious about the image of Ellen Degeneres young.

Ellen DeGeneres Young Pics Compilation

Ellen DeGeneres age

She was born on 26 January 1958 and she is 62 years old now. She had spent most of her childhood time in Metairie, Louisiana with her family. The television personality also has a brother named Vance DeGeneres who is a producer and a musician.

Ellen is a notable comedian and actress of the entertainment industry

Even though she is in her 60s now, yet somehow, she manages to look like just a 45-year-old. In fact, many were stunned when knowing the real age because Ellen DeGeneres's young looks have already deluded a lot of people.

She made a historic come out about her gender

However, in order to keep that young look, Ellen seems to remains some healthy lifestyle habits. One of them is that she doesn’t put much makeup on even when making big public appearances. She always opts for a minimal and light makeup look.

Another tip of Ellen to keep her glowing is that she follows a vegan and plant-based diet. The fact is that she has stopped consuming animal products since 2009. Ellen also minimizes the sugar intake into her body and cut down processed foods. Her slogan is “No cake, no cookies, no candy.”

Ellen DeGeneres gender

One of the most asked questions about the talk-show host is about her gender. Everyone is eager to know who is Ellen DeGeneres husband.

She confirmed she was gay and that stunned everyone

In fact, Ellen Morgan, the character of Ellen DeGeneres in her television sitcom Ellen, came out as a lesbian on the show broadcasting on 30 April 1997. No prize for guessing, it sent shockwaves to the entire television industry back then.

She got married to beautiful actress Portia de Rossi

It goes without saying that her statement turned out to be a groundbreaking event as there was a handful of gay characters on television and even none of them were series leads. DeGeneres’ revelation about her true sexuality eventually ended up having a big impact on the LGBT entertainers community and society as a whole.

They are head over heels in love with each other

In 2008, she decided to settle down with her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi. As the years go on, they even fall more in love with each other.

For those who are unversed, they first met at a social gathering as their mutual friends introduced them to each other. However, they did not express their feelings. Ellen was an established and well-known actress while Portia was in the middle of her tenure at that point.

Ellen DeGeneres show

The Ellen Show or The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a comedy chat show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Debuting on 8 September 2003, it has been one of the biggest and most-viewed shows in the entertainment industry.

Ellen's Halloween costume on her show

The programme consists of comedy, celebrities, human-interest stories, funny games, and musical guests. The show usually features interesting games where audiences can participate and prizes are also awarded.

However, in 2020, the unacceptable behavior of the host is currently doing the rounds. It first started when hot beauty Youtuber NikkieTutorials called out DeGeneres as saying that she was very cold and distant during the appearance of Nikkie on the Ellen Show.

The rumor saying Ellen is one of the meanest people alive is also widely shared. According to the show’s staff, they hadn’t received any remuneration for their working hours during the pandemic.

Ellen DeGeneres life story

Her father was an insurance agent while her mother was a speech therapist. They parted ways when she was in her early teenage (13) and her older brother was 17 years old. It was also in the aftermath that Ellen discovered her mettle for comedy. She explained that her mother had to go through a tough time and she wanted to make her laugh.

She found her talent in comedy after her parents went divorced

Ellen DeGeneres young already knew she was gay at an early age, but until when she entered her 20s, the comedian took the plunge to come out with her family. Her mother Betty, in an interview, shared that this was the biggest shock of her life and also the last thing she had expected to hear.

Her talent was soon recognized

By then she was residing in New Orleans and earning money mainly from doing stand-up in clubs. In 1986, her big break finally came after performing “talking to God” routine on the top-rated “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” In fact, prior to Ellen, there were several comediennes’ performances seen on the show’s stage but she was the first one to be invited by Johnny Carson to be interviewed afterward.

Ellen on the Time magazine cover in 1997

Since then more television appearances have been followed along with several offers to star in sitcoms and adverts.

Ellen looked stunning at her young age

The story of Ellen DeGeneres young at her 20s or 60s has always never ceased to inspire us. She is not only a role model for youngsters in the LGBT community but also for many people from all quarters.

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