Hollywood Actors Strip Off To Warn People Against Naked Ballot In The US 2020 Election

Hanima Anand |Oct 08, 2020

As the American election is around the corner, a lot of celebrities including Hollywood actresses have stripped off their clothes to remind people of the right way to vote.

The latest campaign from these Hollywood actors and actresses is successful in making every man pay more attention to politics, especially the upcoming election of the United States next month.

Sarah Silverman Naked 2
Sarah Silverman goes extra miles to instruct people to vote by mail.

In their video uploaded on Twitter, many famous Hollywood actresses including Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish, or Sarah Silverman along with other actors as Mark Ruffalo or Chris Rock are seen half-naked (some even insist they are fully naked). Their message is to give proper instructions for vote-by-mail method.

Chris Rock Naked
Chris Rock opens the video by saying 'Im naked.'

Particularly, the United State government has decided ‘naked ballots’ which lack the secrecy envelope outside will not be counted. In fact, there are already thousands of invalid naked ballots throughout the country. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that people across USA are aware of the right way to send in their votes.

Naomi Campbell
Supermodel Naomi Campbell also joins the project.

By going naked, these Hollywood actresses also urge people to show their concern about the American politics.

Sarah Silverman Naked
Sarah appears several times, catching more attention to the video.

The celebrities also encourage fans to vote to take advantage of their rights while people should limit going to the public voting places to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection.

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Reacting to the bold video, many fans are excited about the way these Hollywood stars draw public attention to a rather boring topic. Meanwhile, a lot of others are not comfortable being guided by non-experts who try to influence their decision.

Comments On Hollywood Actresses Naked Video

Comments On Hollywood Actresses Naked Video 2

What do you think? If Bollywood actresses also undress to raise public awareness on the Indian politics, will you think it works?

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