Calling For Privacy After Chris Evans Accidental Photo But Fans Can’t Help Sharing It In Groups

Hanima Anand |Sep 14, 2020

The nude photo was accidentally revealed on his Instagram when Chris Evans played Heads Up. Though Captain of America has removed the video, fans quickly saved it in their phones.

When you are a celebrity, make sure you watch every step as you can’t know what will be leaked. Take Chris Evans for example. Though the actor hardly posts his photo or reveals his daily life activities on social media, he accidentally shows someone’s penis on his own Instagram account.

Chris Evans Accidental Photo
Captain of America is familiar with shirtless photoshoots but isn't prepared for this leak.

Last weekend, Twitter was flooded with tags about Chris Evans accidental photo on Instagram. The fact is he was playing a game called ‘Heads Up’ then shared the original video without trimming or editing to his Instagram followers.

While the video was running, fans were shocked seeing a nude photo of a penis in the gallery. The actor quickly realized his mistake and deleted the video right after. But his fans were even faster.

Chris Evans Accidental Photo 1
Chris is new to Instagram, so he needs to be extra careful while playing games next time.

Some managed to download the video to their phones and started leaking Chris Evans accidental photo of the sensitive body part.

Given the fact that the photo was leaked unintentionally, many people have called for a stop in spreading the pic on social media. They asked other fans to respect the American idol’s privacy, and it worked.

Chris Evans Accidental Photo 2
The photo managed to leak out as shared in private chat groups.

Chris Evans accidental photo was then removed from newsfeed of people but no one could guarantee the sharing in private groups. Indeed, the photo did get out and remained online.

Meanwhile, fans wonder whether this is a real photo or not, and is it belonged to Chris Evans or someone else?

Chris Evans And Scarlett Johansson
People are looking forward to Chris Evans' reactions after the one-off incident.

No matter what the answer is, Chris Evans accidental photo on Instagram has stormed the entire Internet yesterday. The actor also remains silent after the incident. However, his brother Scott Evans and co-star Mark Ruffalo have some interesting reactions on Twitter.

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