Henry Cavill Responds to Rumors of His Superman Exit on Instagram

tuyettta |Sep 13, 2018

Henry Cavill just took to Instagram and posted a funny video on Thursday.

On 13 September, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Henry Cavill was leaving the Superman role of DC Extended Universe. After that, the actor answered to it and called it ‘exciting’.

On Thursday, he appeared on Instagram and put a hilarious video. In that video, we can see Henry Cavill putting on a “Krypton Lifting Team” T-shirt. He is laying eyes on the camera with a expressionless verbalization as a Superman puppet comes in and fades away from the outline.

Cavill played the hero in movies such as Superman V Batman, Man of Steel, and Justice League. According to Hollywoood Reporter, he is separating with DC Extended Universe following contract agreement for a cameo in Shazam broke down. The actor was expected to cameo in Shazam!, the upcoming superhero movie including Zachary Levi. However, it was scheduling conflicts that prevented him from appearing as a cameo.


After the rumours, a spokesperson from Warner Bros also released a statement on the situation. The representative stated that no decision has been made at this time.

They said: “We have a enormous relationship and considerable respect for actor Henry Cavill. So that, we continue to sit through unchanged. Furthermore, we haven't made any decision until now regarding next Superman movies.”

Dany Garcia, Cavill’s manager, also responded to the news. She wrote on Twitter that: “Be calm, the wrap is even now in his wardrobe. Warner Bros's been and keeps up to be our associate as they develop the DC Universe.”


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