Enola Holmes Movie Download: A Funky Holmes Movie But Not About Sherlock

Salena Harshini |Sep 23, 2020

Starring the most famous stars as of now, Enola Holmes is the new mystery film that is different from every Sherlock Holmes movie before. See here the free link to get Enola Holmes movie download!

Sherlock Holmes is the world-famous imaginative detective and after several movies and series about this character, a new spinoff/ripoff has now graced the world. But the film this time is about Sherlock’s little-known younger sister Enola, created in 2006 in the novel of Nancy Springer. Get Enola Holmes movie download for free and watch this unique film!

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About Enola Holmes cast & plot

Enola Holmes has one of the most stellar casts with Millie Bobby Brown (from the famous show Stranger Things), Superman Henry Cavill, The Hunger Games Sam Claflin, and the quirky, versatile starlet Helena Bonham Carter. This is the kind of movie that stands apart from the previous Sherlock films that have been released before.

Millie Bobby Brown continues to demonstrate an impressive portrayal as the main character. She, as the quirky young Enola, has been brought up by her mystifying widowed mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter) in the country. Her mother has homeschooled her in literature, martial arts, and science after her two big brothers Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) left home.

On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Enola wakes up in excitement just to find out that her mom has disappeared. Her fear gets more and more extreme as days pass by and her mom has not returned. That is when her two brothers are called back to the family’s mansion and the siblings meet after a long time ever since Enola was little.

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Millie Bobby Brown appears with a brand new avatar

With the Enola Holmes movie download, the audience will witness the adventure of Enola in Victorian England on the quest to find her mother.

The youngest one in the Holmes family is a strong-willed, boundary-pushing, and free-willing young girl who not only tries everything to get her dear mother back but also struggles to confront the societal standards for women in the Victorian era. Just like her siblings, she is exceptionally observant, intelligent, and insightful. Although she quickly has a close connection with her second brother Sherlock, she does not really get on well with the other big brother Mycroft.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill plays the second son of the Holmes. From Man of Steel and a witch, he transforms into Sherlock Holmes, a meteorically reputed private detective as we all know. He cares about his sister deeply and different from Mycroft, he and his smart, spirited little sister have a great bond.

Mycroft is portrayed by actor Sam Claflin, the actor known for his roles in Love, Rosie; The Hunger Games, Me Before You; Adrift among others. In Enola Holmes movie download, he is by the legal guardian of Enola and by far the most intelligent among the siblings with unparalleled deductive abilities. This may come from Mycroft’s dislike of emotional immaturity and fieldwork.

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The Enola Holmes 2020 film has the most credited cast

Enola Holmes movie download

The plot goes on an interesting path with fresh details from the earlier mystery Holmes movies. Do not hesitate to watch Enola Holmes movie online for free  now.

The acting of the cast is appreciated by the reviewers and the movie is also trending all around the world since its release on 23 September 2020.

Millie Bobby Brown, who shot to fame with Stranger Things, easily pulls off her part in a new kind of character. Although she is only 16 years old, she is said to possess the charm of Julia Roberts and the spirit of Natalie Portman. The young actress is the fun and charming mystery of the movie, bringing about the warmth and youthful energy by breaking the fourth wall. Millie Bobby Brown has brought an immense depth into the Enola character and leaves a mark on the audience.

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She has an easygoing, nice way with her part, cheekily outshining her popular brother Sherlock Holmes. However, most audiences hope that Millie should have had more specifically inventive solving and deducting scenes as code-breaking seems not enough. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, and Helena Bonham Carter also ace the parts and are the new names in the world of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. With our Enola Holmes full movie download, you will feel a lift in your spirit and a brand new watching experience.

The main topic of Enola Holmes is women empowerment. Enola is continuously underappreciated because of her gender and age. She has to get into costumes to travel more easily without judgment. The character develops as she learns to cope with complex emotions. Enola Holmes movie download is not all about solving mysteries as she also has a romantic and sweet love.

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Enola Holmes movie download free is a must-watch for those who like detective or mystery movie genre

Director Harry Bradbeer has created many cult TV shows like Killing Eve and Fleabag and this time, he has also managed to infer his subtle filmmaking method with the emotions of a teenage on-screen character.  Although it is hard to make, Bradbeer has been able to create a worth-watching film.

Enola Holmes is not a copy of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes and it marks a modern, bold step. The film is worth a watch and you will be entertained throughout this mystery movie.

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Enola Holmes movie download will not disappoint you1

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