Halloween 2018 Marks The Prominent Return Of Jamie Lee Curtis

Author |Oct 20, 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis drastically returns with the tenth sequel of Halloween after 40 years of a successful debut.

Jamie Lee Curtis drastically returns with the tenth sequel of Halloween after 40 years of a successful debut.

After becoming the “scream queen" in Hollywood, Curtis was invited to join the horror project of John Carpenter in 1978. She had excellently completed the role of Laurie Strode confronting with the serial killer Myers. After that, in 2002, Curtis starred the role of a killed woman in Halloween: Resurrection.

In 2018, Curtis will cooperate with the director David Gordon Green in the final fight with Myers.

Sharing about the upcoming movie, Curtis said that there would be more and more characters, more and more non-exist history and variety of heavy emotions.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer in a still from Halloween. Image via Twitter

Jamie Lee Curtis (R) and Judy Greer in a frame from Halloween.

After releasing the official trailer, Halloween has received lots of compliments from critics. Also, the movie received 82% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to Victor Stiff from The Playlist, the thriller is the combination of thrilling, inhumanly violent and entertaining elements. Especially, the director knows how to meet the demands of his fans after the excellent former part.

David Edelstein, also, expressed his interest in the way Green remains memorable scenes in the original and remakes them in his own way.

Writing on IndieWire, Eric Kohn gives compliments on the prominent combination between Green and his protagonist Curtis. "Green has created a squishy storyline and Curtis contributed to conveying emotion thoroughly."

"Whereas Green brings to Halloween with dark sense, Curtis succeed in expressing her fierce conviction through the storyline. Curtis deserves to be the scream queen of the thriller film industry. Besides, horror film addicts must be contented with thick tension, brutal murders, and funny jokes.", shares Jim Vejvoda.

For Leah Greenblatt, Halloween is the means of recalling the 1978 original of John Carpenter. In addition, these humorous, dreadful, squashy elements were rhythmically combined.

In addition, Justin Chang likes unexpected emotional realism and gentle comic exaggeration.

Obviously, one of the most prominent factors in the thriller is that Green let the women speak out right on the hottest moment of #MeToo. This created great effects on the audiences, especially the female ones.

Releasing on October 19, the much-anticipated sequel earned $7.7 million in preview grosses. That's just below Paranormal Activity 3 ($8m in 2011) among Blumhouse Thursday preview grosses.

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