Gigi Hadid Sued Again For Posting Paparazzi Photos of Herself Without Permission

Nagini Shree |Jan 30, 2019

Gigi Hadid has been hit with a federal lawsuit demanding damages for posting 50 uncredited photographs on her Instagram.

According to court documents, Gigi Hadid is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit for sharing a bunch of pictures of herself on social media without asking for photographer’s permission.  The case was submitted to the federal court on Monday after the supermodel was first hit with the offence.

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Some sources reported that an independent photo agency business called Xclusive claims they own the rights to a photo that Gigi reposted on her Instagram in October 2018. They allege she took the image and posted it to her Instagram without license or permission. Though she deleted it a short time later, they said this isn’t the only instance the model has posted unlicensed images. The suitcase read.

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The documents claimed that shortly after sharing her post, Hadid received approximately 1.6 million people comments on or likes; therefore, the company is demanding damages for copyright infringement, as well as credit derived from the image.

Xclusive even mentioned a similar copyright case in which photographer Peter Cepeda in 2017 filed a lawsuit against her for posting the photo he took without permission or paying for him. The lawsuit was settled outside of court.

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Days after initially removing the photo from her page in October, the 23-year-old supermodel called out a photographer who was suing her in a lengthy Instagram rant.


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