From The First Movie To First Trailer, Know Top 5 Cinematic Firsts!

Hanima Anand |Aug 19, 2020

In such a hi-tech society, we take visually satisfactory movies for granted, forgetting everything has its first time. You will be surprised to know the content of the first movie in the world.

No matter how many times you do something, the first time is always special, with its ‘innocence’ and a bit ‘foolishness.’ The same situation applies to movies, with the very first motion picture just showing a horse running.

You heard that right, read more details below!

First movie in the world – The Horse In Motion 1878

Unlike many’s beliefs, the very first movie in the world is not really a film, with the story plot and engaging drama. It’s a sequence of individual photos running together to make a single motion picture. There were 24 cameras used to make this world’s first movie as you can take a look below.

The First Movie In The World
The world's first movie is simply a sequence of individual pictures like this.

Well, you may ask why they chose the topic of a horse running for the experiment. This was due to the popular controversy at that time, whether a horse galloped off the ground, would its four hooves all jump up simultaneously or just some of them.

If you can’t answer that question either, watch the first movie ever for the conclusion!

First colour movie in history – Annabelle Serpentine Dance 1895

This is a short silent film by American director William K.L. Dickson and William Heise. The movie features the popular serpentine dance by Annabelle Moore, a famous dancer at that time.

However, this first colour movie was not as complex as our colour films today. Many of its prints were added colour manually or hand-tinted.

First trailer in the world – The Pleasure Seekers 1913

Thirty five years after the world’s first movie, Nils Granlund introduced the first trailer for the film industry.

At that time, Nils was the advertising manager for the American theater chain Marcus Loew. He had to promote the musical film The Pleasure Seekers which would be released at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. He came up with a unique idea.

First Trailer In The World
The female cast in The Pleasure Seeker 1913

Nils allowed some moving pictures of the film rehearsals and related incidents to be shown at Loew’s picture houses to evoke curiosity among the audience. He later promoted the slide technique to promote another movie one year later.

The reason why it’s called ‘trailer’ was the time when it’s first presented. Trailers were initially shown after the feature film, earning its name as ‘trailer.’ However, some audience would leave immediately after the film ended, so advertisers have varied forms of trailers as well as their release time.

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First Academy Award – The Oscars 1929

The most prestigious awards for all filmmakers and actors in the world traced back to 1929. The first Academy Award was organized on May 1st in Los Angeles.

First Oscars Ceremony
This was how the very first Oscars looked like in 1929.

The first movies to win the Oscars were Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Unique and Artistic Production award) and Wings (Outstanding Picture, Production award). The two titles were later eliminated and merged in Best Picture category as we know today.

Oscars Red Carpet
90 years passed by and the Oscars still remains the most prestigious award for cinematic contributions.

First movie on television – The Crooked Circle 1933

The Crooked Circle is an American comedy-mystery film by H. Bruce Humberstone. The film was released in 1932 but it took the movie one year to be broadcast on American TV screens.

It became the first movie on TV, being shown on March 10 in 1933 for Los Angeles audience. will update you on more special firsts in our next posts. Visit us daily to not miss any report of the entertainment world!

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