Avengers 4 theory: the heroes will reverse the dead by sacrificing themselves

KhoaTD |Sep 21, 2018

Half of the MCU heroes were gone at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. How will they come back with the help of the living heroes ...

The current situation

Half of the MCU heroes are dead at the end of  Avengers: Infinity War. This ending shocked and left the fans in confused because Marvel just ‘kills off’ their favorite superheroes. Therefore, everyone may be in denial - has been guessing as for how the gone heroes could be resurrected from the dead. There are many theories flying around in the last few months. Techniques like: time travel, alternate dimensions and the effective use of the Infinity Stones are all used in these theories. However, a new theory suggests a hypothetical probability which a story arc so devastating that it could actually be true.

The devastating theory

A Reddit writer with the name of u/Wielki has shared a long post with details on how the surviving characters - prominently the majority of the first Avengers - will forfeit themselves to bring back their fallen companions. According to u/Wielki, this will be ‘the end game’ - which is also the circulating title of the fourth Avengers film.   Avengers 4 Sacrifice 01

Thor failed to kill Thanos

"Thor lost everything and failed to terminate Thanos in the most essential minute. He will forfeit himself for the last Asgardians and the universe. Dark Widow and Hulk are difficult to anticipate. However, Steve Rogers will sit and wait for all others before he also agrees. Therefore perhaps the two will settle on a choice together (call-back to Age of Ultron). After that Cap promptly express his view on the issue."

The theory additionally recommends conceivable approaches to end character arc and start a new one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future. "They will resurrect strange and since he saw the futures, he would disclose to the confused newly surrected characters whom the torch has been passed to by the living heroes, what just happened," the Redditor writes. "Black Panther would replace Iron Man's position as a warrior and pioneer, Falcon, accordingly, would fill in War Machine's position, Carol Denvers would inherit Captain's shield, Valkyrie would be delegated the ruler of Asgard, at that point Star Lord would revive Gomora from the stone and go off into space."   Avengers 4 Sacrifice 02

Avengers: Infinity War - The snap

The probability

Until recently we only have films in the pipeline for Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and, the Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition, the Captain America and Ironman's upcoming contract due date also raise the possibility that Marvel will replace the two characters after the Avengers 4. So maybe,  Avengers 4 will conclude this run of the MCU and open doors for the future.

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