Bella Hadid Shared Post To Donate Beirut Explosion, Mia Khalifa Praised Her For The Action

Hanima Anand |Aug 07, 2020

The supermodel Bella Hadid posted the poignant video of elderly playing piano in her house after the Beirut explosion, saying she is sending donations to Lebanon.

Lebanon is going through the toughest time in 2020 when suffering both pandemic and the disastrous Beirut explosion. Hundreds of people were buried under the collapsed buildings while thousands were affected.

In a viral video on the Internet yesterday, an elderly woman sat in her house after the incident with shattered glass and wrecked furniture, playing the piano. The touching moment has made netizens cry for what Lebanon residents are suffering. Bella Hadid also shared the same emotions.

Bella Hadid On Beirut Explosion 1
The Beirut explosion has left thousands homeless.

On her Instagram, Bella Hadid said she was crying for the country where over 150 people dead and thousands missing. She was sorry for the disaster people there had to endure and she would be sending donations to the Lebanese Red Cross or other organizations in Beirut.

The supermodel also called on her fans and Instagram users to join her in the campaign. She informed that around 300,000 people had been displaced in the city while the entire nation was facing an unprecedented economic crisis and political unrest.

Bella Hadid wrote more on the importance of standing together and support Lebanon victims. The post got many supporting comments from the fans.

Bella Hadid On Beirut Explosion
Mia Khalifa encouraged people to dress and post like Bella Hadid.

Meanwhile, Mia Khalifa who suggested a conspiracy theory on Beirut explosion praised Bella Hadid for the pro-active post. She referred to the American model as the leader on how to post on such a day. Mia Khalifa also emphasized that we should not only dress like Bella but also post like her as well.

On her own Twitter account, the ex-adult star called for the resignation of ‘incompetent’ leaders of Beirut who were responsible for this disaster though it had been warned several times in the past.

Mia Khalifa On Bella Hadid
Mia Khalifa was born in Lebanon, so she is very related to victims here.

Mia Khalifa wrote:

"Good morning to everyone except the incompetent political leaders in Beirut who have yet to resign."

The straightforward post received more than 6.2K likes within a day after publishing.

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