Happy International Beer Day! Know Its History, Celebration & Enjoy Cheerful Pics!

Hanima Anand |Aug 07, 2020

Even though 2020 is hitting us hard with pandemic and natural disasters, we have to keep up positive moods. Today, International Beer Day is the chance to sit down and celebrate our survival with friends!

International Beer Day is celebrated worldwide in various countries, ranging from European to Asian regions, but each place has its own unique way to mark the special date.

International Beer Day 1
The common fashion style in beer festivals in Canada and German.

History of International Beer Day

As you may guess, International Beer Day is not an ancient celebration. It was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz of California. Jesse Avshalomov was the brain behind this idea. He chose August 5 annually as International Beer Day at first but in 2012, it was voted to change to the first Friday of August.

This special day has three main purposes that any beer lover should keep in mind:

International Beer Day 2
Have you tasted beer today?

First, the day is to gather with your friends and enjoy the drink.

Second, International Beer Day is to celebrate and appreciate the jobs of those brewing or serving beer to us.

Last but not least, beer can have the role of uniting people, so why don’t we all celebrate a common day for this drink in all nations?

Celebrations of International Beer Day

Currently, International Beer Day is celebrated in over 80 countries on 6 continents. Most countries have particular cities to host this event. The total number of cities with International Beer Day is up to 207 cities on a global scale. And more cities are joining the list to attract tourists in recent years.

International Beer Day 3
You can use beer as a gift to your friends on this day.

The way to celebrate International Beer Day is simple. All that you need to do is give your friends or any others a gift of beer. While tasting the drink, don’t forget to express gratitude to bartenders, beer makers or any beer-related technicians.

In some places, people are also encouraged to go out and try new beer samples from other countries. There are some famous beer festivals in Canada and Germany named Oktoberfest to stir up the atmosphere for beer lovers during the day.

International Beer Day 4
Men come to these beer festivals not only because of the drink, you know!

Other events in International Beer Day include happy hours when restaurants give discounts on alcoholic drinks, beer flights or nights, beer-related games and beer gear giveaways. But for coronavirus pandemic, today would be so much fun for fans of this popular drink.

International Beer Day quotes

If your friends are not aware of this special day, let’s send them an International Beer Day quote. This is to remind them of gathering times as well as show your appreciation to beer brewers.

International Beer Day Quote 1
A seemingly wise quote from Bro Code.
International Beer Day Quote 2
We suggest both, one by one. Photo: YourQuote.in
International Beer Day Quote 3
Or simply send your friend a reminder!
International Beer Day Quote 4
Do you agree with this opinion?
International Beer Day Quote 5
There's nothing to rush when it comes to beer.
International Beer Day Quote 6
This picture is for both International Beer Day and Halloween 2020.

As everyone must strictly practice social distancing to avoid virus infection, we highly recommend you open Zoom chat and share a video call with your friends. Take out some beer and celebrate through the screen together!

Happy 2020 International Beer Day!

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