Hollywood Star Chris Hemsworth Stuck In The ‘Beautiful Chaos’ Of India

Author |Nov 06, 2018

Through the set of pictures shared on Instagram, Marvel’s star expressed his joy and gratitude to the hospitality and love from Indian fans.

Chris 1

On Ahmedabad's streets, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s god of thunder, Chris Hemsworth, had his first experience with a traffic jam caused by cars, auto-rickshaws (or called tuk-tuk in India), and bikes. The actor was totally surprised by the "beautiful chaos" of India.

“Beyond thankful for the kindness and generosity from Indian have given to us when making our film here”, he wrote. Along with the post, actor Chris Hemsworth also posted a photo in which he surrounded by children and smiled broadly. Also, the Hollywood superstar expressed his friendliness in 2 photos when he took a selfie with his fan. Meanwhile, other picture also showed his warmth and affection when holding children’s hands.

Chris 2

Lately on Sunday night, from the back seat in his car, Thor Christ Hemsworth shared an interesting Instagram story on the road of India, captioned “Traffic is flowing”. With excitement, he recounted the moment when only his cad moved as they actually took the wrong side of the road while others got stuck in the traffic jam. The chaos reached to the next level when tuk-tuks are out and drivers keep honking the horns.

Chris 3

The actor was spotted at the Ahmedabad airport last week for the shooting of Russo brother’s movie Dhaka at the beginning of the month November. From the backstage, the actor also gave some glimpses of the set to his fans earlier. When he first arrived India, an adorable “Welcome Package” was prepared in his hotel room which made him he totally fell in loves with. The package includes a picture frame with a picture of Thor and a version of the iconic weapon of Thor, Mjolnir; all made from edible chocolate.

On the work front, reportedly Chris Hemsworth will probably film for another action film in which he stars a figure whose mission to rescue a kidnapped Indian boy.


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