A New Hint Emerges Avengers 4 Trailer, Title Out This Friday

Nagini Shree |Nov 20, 2018

Rumors were flying around on social media about a possible Avengers 4 trailer release this coming Friday, November 23rd.

Avengers trailer and its title are coming closer and fans are much more eager to the day of their release. However, the Marvel production house has kept them closely under wraps, and barely could information related to definite date be leaked. At this point, nothing is confirmed and even no such teasers from Avengers 4 cast or crew.

President of the studio, Kevin Feige certainly confirmed that the trailer of the film will be out before the end of 2019. Due to the lack of exact date, hardcore fans are excitedly creating new theories.

Recently, a Marvel fan posted a picture from a Marvel Captain Marvel Prelude which had been released on November 14. Above the picture wrote the word check Avengers Prelude to find out how Tony Stark vanishes and what will occur to  Wakanda.


The user noticed via Twitter that the comic’s ending teases an Avengers prelude comic released on December 5. And he added the first of sequel trailer must happen before the first prelude comic... While prelude is expected to come out on December 5, fan confirmed the trailer is likely to release before.

This suggestion matched with Hollywood insider Daniel RPK, who said Marvel fans doesn't need to wait for a long time to discover the official title and catch the preview of Avengers 4. He couldn't say for sure but tweeted that a very reliable source is confirming that Avengers 4 is coming this Friday.

Infinity War first trailer was released almost exactly a year earlier, on November 29, 2017. And the directors Russos are going to organize a screening of Avengers Infinity War on November 28. The next sequel of Marvel is slated to release on May 2019.


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