Major "Black Widow" Plot Detail Leaked: Scarllet Johansson Starred The Heroic Adventure

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 02, 2019

As phase 4 of Marvel will kick start with the solo film of Black Widow, the film's writer now gives a glimpse of the film in an interview.

After phase 3 of Marvel films is closed with Avengers: Endgame, fans are keeping in the edge of their seat for the next phase which will be kick-started with Black Widow.

Especially, when Black Widow sacrificed herself in Avengers: Endgame for the success of their mission to restore the world, fans have more reason for waiting to see their favourite character one last time.


According to the report, the film is set at some time between Captain America: Civil War and Avenger: Infinity War take place when Natasha Romanoff is a secret agent in Budapest, Hungary.

As a series of leaks about the future of the franchise has been spread over the Internet, the film's writer now came up with some official detail about Black Widow.


Writer Jac Schaeffer then confirmed that there will be a direct connection of the film with Captain America: Civil War but the center of the story is the life of Natasha Romanoff.


 Jac Schaeffer said.


Meanwhile, fans could also see the debut of Yelena Belova who was trained to become an assassin in the same Red Room. For the uninitiated, she was actually the first Black Widow but finally retired and then come back as a member of Thunderbolts. And in this upcoming MCU film, Black Widow's Scarlet Johansson will fight against Yelena Belova (starred Florence Pugh).

Talking about the much-awaited prequel, Scarlet Johansson said:


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