From Disney To Avengers: Top 14 Striking Movie Events Of The Past Decade

Salena Harshini |Jan 01, 2020

The live-action wave of Disney, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the return of Star Wars are the movie events that can't be missed.

A lot of important film events have occurred in the past decade such as the birth of movie universes or the story of buying and selling between major film companies, ...

1. Alice in Wonderland kick-started the live-action trend


Alice in Wonderland is a film of fantasy- adventure genre released in 201. It is directed by Tim Burton and adapted from the animated version in 1951. The live-action version of Alice in Wonderland has earned more than 1 billion dollars in revenue, exceeding the expectations of the producers. Also from here, Disney decided to make live-action for a series of old animated films. From Cinderella to The Lion King, these live-action sets have helped Disney bagged $ 5 billion and the number is going to be higher.

2. The Avengers and the domination of MCU

The Avengers

When Iron Man saw the light of the day in 2008, it was only deemed as a fun superhero movie. However, when The Avengers was put to the front in 2010, the Marvel Cinematic Universe started to gather the buzz’s approval.

The movie has reaped over a billion dollar, ushering in Marvel flicks's dominating era. So far, no cinematic universe has been as successful as the MCU.

3. Disney bought Star Wars

Disney Boughtstar Wars

The Star Wars series ended back in 2005, after the release of Revenge of the Sith, In spite of that, Disney had bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and rebooted this series, making the world more fervid than ever. After three main episodes, two spin-offs and many television versions, Disney has proved that Star Wars can still be a money-maker.

4. Hunger Games became a blockbuster


Hunger Games blew a new breeze into the fantasy adventure film genre for teenagers. It is the reason for the adaptation into films of a lot of novels with the same theme. These include Maze Runner, Divergent, The Darkest Minds, ... Unfortunately, apart from Hunger Games, no series has really succeeded.

5. Sony’s Spider-Man project got hacked

Sony Spiderman

In November 2014, a group of hackers claiming themselves the Guardians of the Peace attacked the Sony Pictures system, spreading a series of confidential documents. Among those leaked files was the cooperation plan to make Spider-Man between Sony and Marvel.

For some reason, the negotiations were not successful. This drove the Spider-Man fan community crazy and they asked Sony to immediately resume the negotiations. By 2016, Spider-Man role depicted by Tom Holland made an appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

6. Wonder Woman broke stereotypes

Wonder Woman

In 2015, Patty Jenkins became the first female filmmaker to make an immense superhero project like Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman turned out to be a blockbuster which brings new hope to the DC cinematic universe.

Since then, the female directors have got more warm greetings from the buzz. Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Birds of Prey, The Eternals,...are all directed by the talented women.

7. Ghostbusters and the threat from toxic fandom


When the news of Paul Feig guiding to make the female version of Ghostbusters broke out in 2016, the whole social media was in a frenzy. The movie fan community instantly boycotted the film, making this idea dead in the water.

This is the first time ever Hollywood could witness the power of fans of the original. Immediately after that, the producers, director, and the actors were cyber-bullied and it happened constantly. Kelly Marie Tran even had to make her social media accounts private due to the attack of Star Wars fans.

8. Universal’s Dark Universe


Dark Universe was the universe of Universal Pictures’ classic monsters, started with The Mummy released on June 9, 2017, starring actor Tom Cruise. This was once considered an extremely ambitious and attractive plan. Unfortunately, The Mummy turned into a flop and Dark Universe received its death warrant. Invisible Man, Invisible Woman, Dark Army, which belongs to Dark Universe are now developed into independent films.

9. Zack Snyder backed out from Justice League

Zack Snyder striking movie events

After witnessing the growing success of Marvel, Warner Bros. entrusted director Zack Snyder with building DC superhero characters on the silver screen. However, Snyder gave up the director's position of Justice League after the unexpected death of his daughter and Joss Whedon finished the movie. In the end, Justice League became a movie disaster. Until now, fans still strongly hope and insist the producer release the Justice League version made by Zack Snyder.

10. Netflix entered the blockbuster market


Netflix has tons of original hits, but they were merely TV Series or low-budget movies. But in 2017, the studio bravely produced Bright, a $ 90 million film with the feature of superstar Will Smith. Currently, Netflix has many huge-budget projects such as The Irishman, Six Underground, Army of the Dead and more.

11. Jordan Peele changed the game of horror films

Jordan Peele

Since the release of the 2017 film Get Out, Jordan Peele has been acclaimed by the world as the master in horror movie genre. Not only received the exciting responses from the audience, but Get Out also got nominated for the prestigious award Oscars. This is the thing that rarely any horror movie can do. In 2019, he continued to release US which also garnered a big success.

12. Black Panther was nominated at the Oscars

Black Panther

Irrespective of how others think, many still have to admit that Black Panther has attained

something unprecedented. Black Panther is the first superhero film ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and earned Marvel the Best Costume Design award along with two other Oscars. The door of the Academy Award is opening wider for superhero movies in particular and commercial films in general.

13. Stan Lee passed away

Stan Lee striking movie events

For comic book fans, Stan Lee's demise is the end of an era. Lee is the last person in the group of creators who have huge credits in inventing and defining pop culture over the past decade. Marvel fans are even more upset because they can no longer see his comical cameos.

14. Disney bought 21st Century Fox

Disney Bought 21st Century Fox

In March 2019, The Walt Disney Company announced the completion of a $ 71 billion worth acquisition with 21st Century Fox. According to the agreement, Disney will receive the assets such as cable channel FX and National Geographic, 20th Century Fox studios and an additional 30% stake in Hulu's on-demand television service. This helped Disney to expand their territory even more in Hollywood.


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