Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Amy Jackson’s Innermost Secrets To Keep Her Body In Shape

Leela Adwani |Jul 30, 2019

The gorgeous British beauty and Bollywood star Amy Jackson has become one of the B-town’s most desirable sweetheart in no time and she deserved to be in the list of Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body.

Stepping foot into the entertainment industry is hard; to establish a foothold in the film industry is much harder. It’s never been an easy task as they have to outdo themselves for great acting mettle, which helps them win the hearts of the audiences.

However, along with a flawless performance in the films, they, especially actresses, also leave no stone unturned for an hourglass figure. Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body lister Amy Jackson perfectly exemplifies for the case.

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The gorgeous British beauty and Bollywood star Amy Jackson has become one of the B-town’s most desirable sweetheart in no time.

If you wonder how she maintains her perfect body and porcelain skin, read on to know her best-kept fitness secrets and beauty tip. They are bound to help you achieve your fitness goal.


It might come as a surprise, but Amy doesn’t follow a particular diet. Nevertheless, she always ensures that she will eat in moderation and of course, drink enough water.

Tip from Amy is that drinks a litter of water shortly after waking up in the morning then swims for at least one hour. The star said that this is the ultimate secret for a slim build.

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Her breakfast includes porridge mixed with fruits or scrambled eggs. For lunch, the actress goes for either boiled potatoes, grilled chicken/fish, and steamed veggies. Amy eats a bowl of soup and salad for her dinner.

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“I like to keep it light, and I try to eat before 7:00 pm. If I feel hungry in between meals I munch a few almonds and bananas,” Jackson shares, “Sunday is a pig out day for me and I love to eat too much of anything I love..!”


She further added, “My tummy stays relatively flat and firm without much effort. I think that’s to do with horse riding from a very young age, and the posture you have to always maintain.”

Workout regime

Like her diet, Amy neither sticks to any particular kind of workouts. The 2.0 star changes her exercise weekly instead. Explaining for it, Amy said she would not get bored when doing the same type of workout.

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For those who are uninitiated, Amy’s go-to exercises are dumbbell walking lunge, Bulgarian split squat, hip raise, straight plank with a hip drop, and boxing training.

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She also does yoga, swimming, dance, or jogging. Perhaps, it’s not far off the mark to say, doing functional training helps her made it to the Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body.

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Amy once said, “Romance is in the air. I can only remember Kerala last July. It was twilight, we were on a houseboat cruising up the river, listening to music and watching the rain beat down.”

Beauty tips

The fact is that Amy is a big fan of the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine. It stands to the reason that she can keep her skin always glowing and healthy. The actress believes that the light cleansers, toners, and moisturizers are the best for her sensitive and dry skin.

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Beauty fans are hands down aware of the importance of using scrubs, and Amy is not an exception. She once took to her Instagram handle to share the recipe of her go-to scrubs. Yes, Jackson is big on coffee scrubs which are used to scrub away the dead skin cells, and they give us a superb glowing, moisturized, and soft skin in return.

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British model and Indian actress Amy Jackson has grabbed eyeballs because of not only her exceptional acting talents but also her gorgeous look. Now, it’s not exaggerated to say that she deserved to be in the list of Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body. How do you think about it? Let us know!


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