Suhana Khan, Reem Sameer & Mahira Sharma Look Surprisingly Feminine In Their Princess Dress

Hanima Anand |Nov 26, 2020

As these pretty girls are often seen in dynamic outfits, their latest photos with charming princess dresses give fans an unusual treat. Take a look and refrain yourself from saying WOW!

Regardless of their roles in the entertainment industry, Suhana Khan, Reem Sameer and Mahira Sharma are emerging faces on social media. Youthful, fashionable and willing to experiment new styles are some adjectives we can use to briefly describe these beauties.

Reem Sameer Suhana Khan Mahira Sharma
Instagram is being flooded with sweetness from these princesses.

It seems these girls are hard to compare, but they are all fans of dynamic street styles. Tousled hair and casual looks are frequently featured in these celebrities’ photoshoots. However, this time is different, probably they want to switch their images a bit with these princess dresses.

Reem Sameer

If you are a fan of Indian TV series or shows, you must be familiar with Reem Sameer Shaikh. A sweet beauty born in 2003, Shaikh just turned to her 17 this September. That’s why she often goes for ripped jeans and simple tank top in daily photoshoots.

Reem Sameer Instagram Photos 1
Sheikh's favorite fashion for a day out

The latest Reem Sameer Instagram photo saw the 17-year-old actress in a yellow off-shoulder dress, which shocks netizens for the vibe of feminism it gives out.

Reem Sameer Instagram Photos 2
She decides to turn into a princess in one day.

In fact, on Reem Sameer Instagram, you can spot a variety of styles this young girl is experimenting on the way to build her image. There’s one time she rocks black and white concept but it seems this kind of sexiness didn’t reflect her energetic personality. The TV actress quickly returns to her modern street style later on.

Reem Sameer Instagram Photos 3
Her ravishing look in a black and white photoshoot

Suhana Khan

Though Suhana Khan hasn’t had her debut in the film industry, she is no less famous than many other actresses on social media. Being the daughter of King Khan, Suhana soon got massive attention from netizens when she first used Instagram.

Suhana Khan Instagram Photos 1
Suhana looks unrecognizable compared to her photos in the past.

However, this girl hardly posted photos on her social handle till one year ago. Recently, she is much more active with constant updates on her daily life. Suhana Khan also adopts a more attractive style though she still prefers simple outfits.

Suhana Khan Instagram Photos 2
She loves playing with her hair while putting on different outfits.

Her latest image that resembles a Bohemian princess receives countless thumbs up from Instagram users. People just can’t deny the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan fits perfectly with this elegant style.

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Suhana Khan Instagram Photos 3
Her latest image as a Bohemian princess

Speculations are rife that Suhana Khan is preparing for her debut in the near future with this total transformation.

Mahira Sharma

Mahira Sharma just clocked her 23 yesterday, November 25. She rose to fame after starring in Naagin 3 as well as participating in Bigg Boss 13 reality show.

Mahira Sharma Instagram Photos 1
Mahira Sharma owns one of the best hairstyles in the industry.
Mahira Sharma Instagram Photos 2
Full look of this charming princess

In fact, on social media, Mahira Sharma is very popular for her signature style which reflects her versatility. Sometimes, you will see this girl totally transformed to a sweet princess as in her latest post while you might be amazed at her sizzling look in simple street-wear.

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Mahira Sharma Instagram Photos 3
When she walks out of her castle, she turns into a sexy girl.

Among all three princesses today, who is your favorite?

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