Both Opt For The Same See-Through Gown, Who Wears It Better? Samantha VS Manushi

Leela Adwani |Nov 18, 2020

In our fashion face-off section today, let’s take a look at how Samantha Akkineni and Manushi Chhillar put on the same sheer gown.

Celebrities are always in the constant limelight and every update about their life always makes way for the much-viewed headlines. Especially, what grabs eyeballs the most is always their choices of fashion. Being a famous figure means he/she has to take care of their public image including what they say and what they wear. Stars, especially female ones, make sure to have a stylish look whenever they step out.

Samantha Akkineni Manushi Chhillar Fashion Face Of
Fashion faceoff - Samantha Akkineni VS Manushi Chhillar

In our fashion face-off section today, let’s take a look at how our stars put on sheer gowns. Two divas who will be the main “CAST” today are none other than former beauty queen Manushi Chhillar and Samantha Akkineni.

Fashion Faceoff Samantha Akkineni
This fierce look of Samantha drives us crazy

Touted as a South Indian cinema sensation, Samantha Akkineni is loved by many with a massive fan following. She who has never disappointed the audience with her acting talent is one of the brightest stars from the South. When it comes to fashion, she is also known to be a fashionista. Last year, the diva made headlines for her mesmerizing look with her transparent black embroidered gown which has a price of Rs 1.15 lakhs.

Fashion Faceoff Samantha Akkineni 2
She stole the spotlight at the event with this gown

If her dress was the highlight that day, the combination of smokey eyes, subtle makeup, and messy hair created a perfect look. It goes without saying that that eye-catching outfit already drew everyone’s attention.

Fashion Faceoff Manushi Chillar
Manushi also wears that gown but with no makeup

Miss World 2017 Chhillar is, of course, an indispensable part of our fashion face-off today. Also opted for the same see-through dress, the beauty delivered a breath of fresh air for Sunaina Khera’s creation. Unlike Samantha, Manushi took to her Instagram to share the photo taken at home with natural hair and especially no sophisticated makeup layers applied.

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Samantha Akkineni or Manushi Chhillar! Who Wears It Better?


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