Learn How To Rock Pantsuits In The Finest Way With Sonam Kapoor

Priyansh Ha |Oct 26, 2019

The pantsuit is a classic fashion silhouette, but do you know how to wear it properly? Keep scrolling to take some inspirations for multiple kinds of pantsuits from the trendsetter of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor.

The pantsuit is no longer the dull office item in this era. Nowadays, our ladies can bring this classic silhouette to different occasions without worrying about its suitability. We are talking about brunch dates, movie dates or even nights out, you can totally dress up to nine with pantsuits.

Among many women who have a huge passion for pantsuits, Sonam Kapoor knows a lot about this item like no one does. Seems like the actress will never run out of new ideas when it comes to pantsuits.

Untitled Design 1

In fact, she never fails to amaze us all every time she shows up with a matching jacket and a pair of trousers. Whether it is a photoshoot, a casual date or a special event, Sonam is dressed to kill with multiple styles of pantsuits.

Below, we give you a compilation of the best pantsuits looks from her. Take hints from the pantsuits queen and hope that it will help to build your own style.

Want To Make A Bold Statement? Wear Monochrome!

A head-to-toe bold color outfit seems like a guarantee for your irresistible attractiveness. More than just an eye-catching look, monochrome delivers a powerful statement. While an all-white pantsuit going along with a bejeweled choker would be a perfect match for a cocktail night, a pair of oversized metallic or gold earrings will complete a full-of-red outfit.

You can always hype your suit up when team it with a matching-colored handbag or pick up a sharp black tuxedo from the boys to create a chic look. Just see what the trendsetter did with her peachy Fenty look and her black-on-black suit, it's completely stunning. 

Sonam 1

Sonam 2

Sonam 3

Printed Suits, Why Not?

Beside monochrome, print is also an effective way to claim power. When it comes to prints, Sonam Kapoor doesn’t hesitate to go all the way from small, playful prints to jacquard designs. If wearing a full-printed outfit isn’t your thing, you can mix a monochrome suit with a printed top just like when our superstar teamed her brown pantsuit with a printed crop top.

Sonam Kapoor 5

Sonam Kapoor 6

Sonam Kapoor 7

Sonam Kapoor 8

Sonam Kapoor 9

Try Oversized Suits

Oversizing everything has become a fever spreading across the fashion community for a while now. Therefore the trendy version of pantsuit has been updated with angled shoulders and wide-legged trousers. Take a hint from Sonam’s oversized outfit, she has done a great job!

Sonam 10

Sonam 11

Sonam 12

Sonam 13


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