Shahid Kapoor Finally Unveiled His Opinions About The Whole "Kabir Singh" Controversy And His Aegis For The Film

Salena Harshini |Jul 25, 2019

After a while of remaining silent, "Kabir Singh" star Shahid Kapoor finally raised his voice about the controversy surrounding the movie.

Shahid Kapoor eventually has appeared and actually talked about the Kabir Singh controversies that have been going on although the movie is still doing very well in terms of the box office.  The controversies surrounded the film after a lot of critics and a number of the audience thought that Kabir Singh had a sexist pattern.

Moreover, this template seemed to give a boost for toxic masculinity via the misogynistic and aggressive way to take on romance of the male protagonist.

Kabir Feature

In a new Bollywood Hungama interview, Shahid Kapoor tardily spoke of the controversy of Kabir Singh. The actor said he felt it is deceptive that Indian viewers think a part like Kabir Singh is only acceptable in Hollywood, not in Bollywood.

Shahid Kapoor Kabir Singh Smoke 20 Cigarettes

The actor and the makers want you to feel that Kabir Singh is unacceptable.

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Shahid explained more,

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Shahid 10

Shahid Kapoor did not attend an interview, why is so? On being quizzed about the reason for his silence before, he made an explanation that the atmosphere was not right to talk about the movie.

He said,

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Shahid Kiara Kiss

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Shahid 4

Helmed by Sandeep Vanga Reddy and recruited the top brilliant actors like Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, the movie Kabir Singh was released in June. Until now, it has become the greatest blockbuster of 2019.

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