There Is No Reason To Deny An Impeccable Girlfriend Like Sara Ali Khan, Here’s Why!

Nalini Suri |Sep 16, 2019

Behind a shining starlet over Bollywood sky, Sara Ali Khan types her great characteristics to be a perfect girlfriend. Check out the reasons!

On the rumored relationship with Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan has rocked the news with the couple’s sweet moments. But until now, there haven’t been any confirmations from both of them so at least, Sara is still considered as a single girl.

sara ali khan

Rising to be a much-awaited star among Bollywood's new faces, the young actress is well known for her humble nature that touches many people’s hearts. More than that, her good-looking appearance also hit a bright ball to the blue sky of B-town.

From head to toes, let’s see why this glamorous girl is a great option for a girlfriend goal!

Sense of humor

This goes through a string of her posts and videos on social media as evidence for her downright frolicsome nature. Not like many other girls, Sara made the most of her expense to be a joke even including her overweight picture in the past.

Posting a fatty image over time, she funnily captioned:


Maturity at a young age

The actress’s family background isn’t so conventional when her parents are living part away and she has a stepmother who is Kareena Kapoor Khan. Nevertheless, she always keeps a matured image back on it and doesn’t blame anything for fate like an infantile child.

sara ali khan kareena kapoor

She used to share that:


The girl of the family

Being busy with the mess from the entertainment world may nail the pressure on many artists that they would spend less time with their family. But it doesn’t seem to apply to the 24-year-old actress when the time she shares with her cute family covers the most.

Sara Ali Khan with her parents

Scrolling Sara’s Instagram, we all see her love for her family spreads all of her timeline showing her closeness to them. Besides, she has also made some regular sharing about her close time with her mother Amrita Singh. Sara holds this special nature as she acknowledges and understands well how important to have a family like that.


Admiring and learning the nice characteristics from Alia Bhatt, Sara has carved a new image of the humble celeb of the tinsel town. Her co-star Tarun Gahlot in the film Kedarnath opened up during an interview that the actress lined up the film cast and crew for some stuff without any senses of a star.

sara ali khan line up

You may ask how humbleness relates to a relationship, the answer is that they link up a lot. Being humble represents that you have a certain respect for your partner, which is the priority in any relationships including love.

Educational statements

Not all the celebrities can handle their speeches well but Sara has done it completely wonderful thanks to her school years at Columbia University. This isn’t trained through a royal family or the silver background, this comes from her learning process and reflects on Sara’s approach to life.

sara ali khan

Talking to her, you will feel clearly her worldly mindset with the wisdom surroundings. It will promote the two’s ideal conversation that you may want to spend more time with her talks.


sara ali khan overweight

Not only Bollywood celebs but ordinary people also often avoid their wounds from the past that they don’t want to share with the world, except Sara. The gorgeous diva disclosed her struggling time with her overweight status and PCOD in an interview with Karan Johar.


Every relationship cannot drive forwards if darkness and negativity happen inside, but it doesn’t come with Sara’s case. Her positive is shining wherever she is and her presence turns everyone’s smile on.

Because after all of the busy time from working, everybody desires an ultra-ray of joyful sun and the happiest things. That’s what our beautiful girl can make!


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