Being sexually abused by an actor, Tanushree Dutta claims Me Too will never reach Bollywood

Rose Advani |Sep 25, 2018

Tanushree said that #MeToo movement could only happen in India unless people recognized what happened with her in the previous time - 2008.

Over the last few months, numerous celebrities have exposed their experiences with assault and sexual harassment in entertaining industry.

In the Hollywood, The Time’s Up movements and #MeToo have expanded quite well. Those campaign would give a hand for people having experienced sexual abuse to raise their voice up in any capacity.


At the moment, Tanushree Dutta, an Indian actress and model who mainly appears in Bollywood movies, also speaks up.

Before that, there were a lot of voices raised up by Richa Chadda, Radhika Apte, Swara Bhasker and Konkona SenSharma. Although a lot of parts of her story have already been revealed, the Aashiq Banaya Aapne actor shared about being sexually abused and her feeling after joining the #MeToo movement.

Tanushree said that #MeToo movement could only happen in India unless people recognized what happened with her in 2008. She thought their country now has been so hypocritical.

She assumed The #MeToo Movement happend in India multiples years ago. And she was likely one of the first people in the field relating to media of this country's history to voice up. No one couldn't see what happened. But Tanushree Dutta was no more after speaking up against harassment.


In 2008, an anonymous actor had been accused of behaving inappropriately with Tanushree. They had been shooting together for a special song in Horn OK Please.

Tanushree said he purportedly wanted to do a intimate action with her, grabbing her arms, pushed her around... Although it's apparently stated in her contract that it was a "solo" dance scene, he still wanted to dance with her. Tanushree confirmed that she had to refuse to join the song because of some uncomfortable feelings from that actor. Now she is still have to suffer from that hurt experience.

Tanushree also expressed her disappointment with the film industry. Although she voiced up to accuse of sexual misbehavior, the alleged sinner still kept working in films as if nothing ever happened before.

Moreover, she showed us these hypocrites are also the people standing and raising their voice against women authorization. There still silence from the entire industry although they totally could see her whole hurtful story. It even was broadcast on nation TV for three days but nothing happened.


Radhika Apte, an Indian film actress, also would like to share her #MeToo movement in a meeting at the India Today Mind Rocks 2018.

The Me Too movement (or #MeToo movement) is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Beginning with allegations of sexual harassment and rape against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, a global movement had been triggered. In the end, it also contributed to changes in Hollywood and led to the appearance of the Time’s Up campaign.


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