Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood Who Are Way More Intelligent Than You Think

Salena Harshini |Feb 24, 2020

In case you thought that Bollywood stars are high-school drop-outs, or straight out of film school, you are very mistaken. Some of them are much more qualified than you would ever imagine.

Bollywood industry is one of the top paramount industry in the world with a lot of admirable actresses and actors. And besides having stellar acting skills, ladies of Tinseltown are also considered very bright and intelligent. Have a look at the smartest beauty of Bollywood here!

1. Madhuri Dixit Nene

Madhuri Dixit is among the most talented Queens of Bollywood. She has won 6 Filmfare Awards and bagged the award of the Padma Shri in 2008. The actress has acted in more than 70 movies since her debut back in 1984.

Madhuri Dixit Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Madhuri Dixit is the symbol of beauty with brain

Everyone knows about Madhuri Dixit’s passion for dancing and she is also a professional Kathak dancer. However, little do people know that she also majored in Microbiology at Mumbai University. The actress then got married to Shriram Madhav Nene, a UCLA-qualified cardiovascular surgeon.

The next actress studied at Harvard!

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

The Begum of Bollywood who hails from the Pataudi bloodline, Kareena Kapoor Khan, began her career in the industry alongside actor Abhishek Bachchan. 10 Filmfare Awards she has bagged helps her establish a strong niche which is not something any person can easily achieve.

Kareena Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Kareena Kapoor Khan

For the unversed, the actress majored in Commerce at Mithibai College Mumbai within two years. She then enrolled at Harvard University for a 3-month microcomputer diploma. Before she joined her sister in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan even studied Law at Government Law College, Mumbai.

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3. Parineeti Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s cousin also made waves among the B-town with her role as the supporting actress in Ladies VS Ricky Bahl. Besides singing and acting, Parineeti is considered one of the smartest beauty of Bollywood with her triple honors degree in business, economics, and finance from Manchester Business School, located in the United Kingdom.

Parineeti Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Parineeti Chopra can't be missed when it comes to the smartest beauty of Bollywood

At the Manchester Business School, the actress also got in charge of being the team leader for her football club’s catering department.

4. Preity Zinta

What is impressive about the dimpled starlet is not only her acting chops but also her qualification. She has achieved an English bachelor's degree when she studied in St. Bede's College in Shimla.

AND, Preity Zinta also graduated with a master's degree of criminal psychology major! Very impressive, isn’t it?

Preity Zinta Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
An amazing beauty and impressive education attainments

5. Soha Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan’s sister is a member of a Royal family. Yet it did not stop the star from pursuing her dreams and getting a high education level.

Soha Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Soha Ali Khan is an intelligent and diligent lady

Soha Ali Khan was a student of the British School in New Delhi and she studied a Geography degree of higher studies at Oxford University. Soha also has a Master's degree in International Relations which she attained from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

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6. Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel was a student of Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai and she was also the head girl in the academic year of 1992-1993 prior to going overseas for studying Bio-genetic engineering. She studied there for two years and then switched to major in Economics at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts. Patel graduated from Tufts with a gold medal.

Ameesha Patel Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Ameesha Patel is drop-dead gorgeous and extremely smart also

After graduation, she first worked as an economic analyst for Khandwala Securities Limited. She later got an offer from Morgan Stanley. However, she refused it. After coming back to India, Ameesha Patel joined the theatre group of Satyadev Dubey.

7. Jacqueline Fernandez

The beauty from Sri Lanka is among the most followed Indian celebrities. She finished her study with the degree of Mass Communications major from Australia. She then came back to Sri Lanka to continue her career of modeling while doing the job of a political reporter.

Jacqueline Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Jacqueline Fernandez

It seems that the Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2006 definitely had her life sorted from a young age.

8. Vidya Balan

One more lady who is among the smartest beauty of Bollywood is Vidya Balan. She wanted to become an actress when she was very young. Her passion for acting in films was inspired by the work of famous and influential actors Madhuri Dixit and Shabana Azmi. When Vidya Balan was 16 years old, the actress took part in the first season of the Ekta Kapoor featured sitcom Hum Paanch.

Vidya Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Vidya Balan has a prominent career and education

After the show turned out to be a success, the actress, however, said no to the offer of filmmaker Anurag Basu to feature in a TV soap opera. Vidya Balan instead chose to enroll in St. Xavier's College for pursuing a sociology bachelor's degree. Later, she also bagged a master’s degree at the University of Mumbai.

9. Sonam Kapoor

The Bollywood fashionista finished her pre-university education at the United World College of South East Asia, located in Singapore. After that, she gained her Bachelors's degree in Economics and Political Science as she studied at the University of East London.

Sonam 1 Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Sonam Kapoor is not called beauty with brain for no reason

10. Priyanka Chopra

The global icon has earned pride from every Indian across the globe with her op performance in Bollywood films, American sitcoms, and Hollywood movies. From her lead role for Quantico to playing a supporting role in Bajirao Mastani, the actress has experimented with a lot of role genres.

Priyanka Chopra was titled Miss World when she was 18 and ever since her work and endeavors seem to only grow stronger. She is also in charge of being UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador.

Priyanka Smartest Beauty Of Bollywood
Priyanka Chopra is one of the most famous and smartest beauty of Bollywood

Born in an Army household, Priyanka Chopra graduated from Army School Bareilly. Afterward, she joined Hierank Business School. However, she left school in order to make an attempt for Miss World contest. The rest of the story as well as Priyanka Chopra's net worth is self-explanatory.

Each of the leading ladies that we mentioned here owns an individual set of skills that have assisted them in building a strong career in the entertainment industry. As to who is the smartest beauty of Bollywood, we will leave that for you to decide.

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