Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: Jacqueline Fernandez With Happy-To-Lucky Smile

Rose Advani |Oct 14, 2019

Jacqueline Fernandez, the beauty from Sri Lanka, has been one of the most influential celebrities of Bollywood on Instagram.

Brilliant actress with her sexy dancing steps  Jacqueline Fernandez is undoubtedly one of the most influential celebrities of Bollywood, and Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On InstagramThese great numbers she gained from her social media will prove all.

Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram
Jacqueline Fernandez is the symbol of Sri Lanka Beauty

Jacqueline Fernandez is a fabulous actress with lots of successful leading roles from a series of hit movies as Kick 2, Murder 2, Judwaa 2, Aladin, and Housefull 3. The actress uses her label very wisely and amazingly raises her Instagram profile to 33,1 million followers.

Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram
Jacqueline Fernandez attracts fans by her happy-go-lucky smile

Jacqueline attracts Instagram followers by her successful acting career and adorable posts around her fitness routine, books, travels, and lifestyles. The actress always keeps her Instagram profile “new” and “real”.

By posting from time to time great pictures and fabulous videos, Jacqueline keeps the positive approach and massive reach of fans to her Instagram account and puts her name on the list Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.

Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram
Fernandez is also famous for her sexy dance

Here are some most amazing Instagram posts by the fun-loving actress in September

Fernandez looks fabulous in a fashionable outfit when traveling. All her fans are so eager with her cute dance. The short clip quickly crossed 2, 6 million of hearts since she shared on her Instagram, and is the hottest Instagram post in September.

The second Instagram post is her promoting for her new Vlog that gave her fans a lot of curiosities.

Jacqueline Fernandez shared a video that promoted for Splash fashion. She now becomes the ambassador of Splash Fashion.

As soon as she posted the clip, Splash Fashion commented “Amazing! We're so happy to have you as our ambassador  Let's keep this WOW rolling together” and our fun-loving actress gave a cute answer “Keep Going, you have hired an Angel as your ambassador”.

Jacqueline shared the photo of her with Karan Johar with the caption “Get out your sunnies, we're bringing the heat” and informed that Drive is coming soon on Netflix.

Fernandez promoted for her channel by posting a short clip to reveal some scenes of her upcoming video to her fans on her YouTube channel Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline shared her video of her dancing lesson that mainly focused on her dancing teacher to congratulate him on the Teacher’s Day.

Fernandez shared the nice picture when having lunch with her friends, both of them look glorious.

The actress posted a cozy photo of her and her mom with the caption “Mothers.. teach your daughters so much self love”.

Jacqueline Fernandez always keeps a good interaction with her fans through her social networks, certainly on Instagram as well. Her happy-go-lucky smiles are the most attractive features that inspire anyone a positive reach.

Furthermore, the fabulous actress has recently posted some new skills in new arts that she is learning, which gives her Instagram more attractions and be one of the Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.


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