Sara Ali Khan Opens Up About Kedarnath Release Delay, Says ‘It Was Terrifying'

Bindhiya Nhi |Dec 07, 2018

Being a newbie in the industry is never easy. Sara Ali Khan was here to share about her passion, her family and how the delay of "Kedarnath" affected her.

Sara Ali Khan is the daughter of actress Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. Though Sara obviously feels the pressure from her mother's fame, she still wants to be proud as a daughter of the popular Amrita Singh. When she was four, she had a dream to become a heroine. After her graduation from the university, her passion became more intense. She just makes her debut with "Kedarnath" (2018) and there are still many more challenges for her in the future. However, Sara never gives up and will try her best to catch up with other stars in Bollywood.


Sara Ali Khan shared her passion and her story that she had from the very beginning. She explained that her dream to be a heroine was a usual thing because at that age everyone was still very young. At that time, no one could clearly know about his ambition. However, as Sara was growing up, she felt more certain about her dream after watching many movies. Though she already had a university degree, the dream to be an actress was still a fire burning inside her heart.

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Though studying in university was not her dream, but she could not deny the fact that it really helped her to become a better person like today. She could use both English and Hindi, write an anecdote to explain her opinion or story, and mostly be confident in any situation. Sara also revealed an interesting fact that she did not cheat in any exam just because she was afraid to be caught. According to Sara, her mother raised her really well so she could be a well-mannered person. She understands the difference between acting and living the real life outside there. Sara stressed,

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Sara really looks up to her mother Amrita Singh, admitting that her mother has made a strong influence on her. Amrita taught her to how to live a simple and realistic life and tried to imbibe these qualities in both her and her brother.

Lately, Sara Ali Khan appeared in a show together with her father Saif Ali Khan. Asked whether there was any hesitation from him about her career path,  Sara replied that there was only one thing, and that was the protectiveness.

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Sara said that her father told her to be strong and preserve because no one could be sure about the entertainment world.

Her debut movie "Kedarnath" had some problems in the production and Sara admitted that she was really afraid at that moment. After all, this was just her very first step, and all the uncertainty made her terrified. She could do nothing but just pray for the best.

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The actress shared that she kept calling the director Abhishek Kapoor and then asking if everything was alright. Eventually, everything was settled down, which made her feel extremely relieved.

After "Kedarnath", she is going to take part in "Simmba" with the famous actor Ranveer Singh. Sara felt grateful because the director Rohit Shetty took this chance on her. "Simmba" was just a lifesaver to Sara right at the moment her debut was problematic due to the delay of "Kedarnath." What amused Sara most was the fact that Rohit had not even seen her debut movie but still gave her this chance.

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"Kedarnath" is going to be on screen this Friday.


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