Santa comes to Sara Ali Khan twice in 2018

Kareena Kusari |Dec 25, 2018

“Santa came twice” to Sara Ali Khan this year “in the form of Kedarnath and Simmba”.

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan has an extremely outstanding Bollywood debut with Kedarnath in early December this year. She has received much acclaim for her self-confident and charming performance on screen. However, the actress’ December doesn't merely end there. At the end of this month, her upcoming film, Simmba, is going to hit the cinemas. In the movie, she has the opportunity to collaborate with the well-known actor Ranveer Singh.

Sharing her Christmas schedule with a daily magazine, she states that her current priority is to promote her forthcoming movie, Simmba. Concurrently, she laughs and says that she is possibly in another interview when the audience sees this talk. Additionally, she confides that she merely has the intention of having a family dinner this Christmas. Nonetheless, it only becomes a reality when she completes all her work on schedule.

Besides, she shares a feeling of sheer excitement at her Simmba’s release. “Santa came twice” to her this year “in the form of Kedarnath and Simmba. Therefore, it’s no problem if she misses this Christmas on 25th, the actress smiles and answers.

Her confident performance, as well as her dancing ability in Simmba’s trailer, attract the admirers’ interest. Nevertheless, it is still unknown whether the film achieves box-office success after its premiere on December 28 in India.

Sara Ali Khan 2

Previously, her debut appearance in Kedarnath gained rather good box-office earnings.  Besides, the stunning actress’ performance has won high praise from the audience and critics as well. Especially, Sara discloses that her grandmother, the former actress Sharmila Tagore, is enormously “proud” and gives her any amount of compliments on it. She reveals:

Screenshot 7

Her joy doesn’t stop there. The 23-year-old star confides that her first performance strengthens her family relationship, especially between her mother and her grandmother. She added:

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