Salman Khan Gets Abusive On Weekend Ka Vaar "Bigg Boss" Diwali Episode

Imran Asif Fazal |Oct 26, 2019

This would be the first time that Salman Khan has abused a contestant during the show.

Salman Khan in Weekend Ka Vaar Diwali special episode in Bigg Boss 13 is seen losing his cool and slammed almost all the contestants.

During the heated conversation, Salman Khan ends up abusing Siddharth Dey over his comments on Shehnaz Gill.

In the teaser released by Colors TV, the makers of Bigg Boss have beeped out the abuse given by the host. Meanwhile, three wild card entries will be seen inside the house soon.

Bigg Boss

In the teaser, he tells the contestants they can leave if they want to, no one is stopping them. He shifts his focus to Paras and shares how he doesn't care about anyone, including Bigg Boss.

Salman adds that he has heard that Paras doesn't even like his attitude, and had complained about his 'chik-chik' in one of the episodes aired last week. Paras tries to justify himself but Salman tells him that he can show him the footage.

Bigg Boss 1

Salman Khan also doesn't spare Shefali Bagga and accuses her of demeaning Shehnaz Gill. The Punjabi actress begins to cry at this. With Siddhartha Dey, things get even worse.

Salman scolds him for saying 'thuki hui ladki' to Shehnaz. Siddhartha apologises for it, saying it was the wrong line. Salman tells Siddhartha not to teach him the game.


“Salman sir ka thoda zyada ho raha hain chid-chid mere saath.” In one of the episodes, Paras was saying this line to Mahira Sharma.

Salman then next turns to Shefali and asks her who she is to give a character certificate to Shehnaaz.

When Shefali tried to defend herself, Salman said, “Ladki Ladki ki respect nahi karti hai.” Also, he scolds Sidhharth Dey and when he too tried to defend himself, Salman Khan said, “Tumhe defend bhi nahi karna chahiye. Chup baitho tum”.

Towards the end of the promo, Salman said that he shouldn’t have come on the show.


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