Salman Khan Behaves Rudely With A Photographer At Press Conference Of "Bigg Boss 13"

Leela Adwani |Sep 24, 2019

The actor said, “If you have a problem with me, ban me.”

Superstar Salman Khan is recently in the news due to the wrong reason. The Bharat actor got into a verbal tussle with a cameraman at the launch of Bigg Boss 13 taking place in Mumbai. In a video doing the rounds on the Internet, he can be seen getting angry with a shutterbug.

The actor said, “If you have a problem with me, ban me.”

Salman Khan

Host Salman Khan made his entry at the press conference of hot TV show Bigg Boss 13 at Andheri Metro station on 23 September.

The star arrived in the metro and after getting down he danced to the beats of Nasik Dhol. However, shortly after that, the actor got into an unexpected argument with a photographer at the event.

Khan looked agitated with the photographer and even accused him of playing a spoilsport at various events. Not just this the actor also made a plea to other cameramen to do something about it.

Later, a representative can be seen trying to restrain the actor which made him calm down a bit and stay silent. However, he still can’t stop glaring at that shutterbug. A voice from the video can be heard as saying,

Screenshot 32

Image source: Instagram

The fact that it’s not the first time Salman Khan ran into “violent” controversies. Earlier, he was caught slapping a bodyguard for misbehaving with a child at the premiere of Bharat in a video.

This led to a storm of discussions right and left on social media. Fans had mixed reactions on Twitter.

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