These Stunning Saira Banu Old Photos Are Forever Beauty Icon Of Bollywood Golden Age

Hanima Anand |Oct 13, 2020

Despite a number of Indian beauty queens in the modern time, Saira Banu is still a legend for her unique beauty during 1960s. Take a look at Saira Banu old photos and you can never forget those eyes again!

Saira Banu already clocked her 76th in August this year while her husband will have his 97th birthday this November. Not just being famous for their lifetime romance, the legendary actress is also well-known for her one-off elegance when she was young. Check these Saira Banu old photos and facts below to know more about this Indian beauty icon.

Saira Banu Old Photo 0
Saira Banu pic highlights a unique beauty when East meets West.

Saira Banu old photos & facts

Saira Banu was born on 23 August, 1944 in Uttarakhand in a typical cinematic family. Her mother was the famous Beauty Queen Naseem Banu who was also the first female superstar in Indian film industry. Saira Banu photos reflect what she has inherited from her renowned mother. Her father was the talented producer Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq.

Saira Banu Old Photo 2
Saira Banu inherited elegance from her beauty queen mother.

After spending most childhood time in London, Saira Banu actress had her Bollywood debut at a very young age, 16. Despite having reputed parents, Saira Banu didn’t gain wide recognition during the first days in the industry. Instead, she took time training herself in Kathak and Bharata Natyam lessons before becoming a well-known dancer.

Saira Banu Old Photo 3
Most Saira Banu old photos are well-kept with good quality.

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She gained her first Filmfare award for Best Actress in 1961 thanks to the movie Junglee where she co-starred Shammi Kapoor. Saira Banu then featured more in Hindi films with her skillful dancing. Some notable works during her career include Shagird (1967), Diwana (1967), Gopi (1970), Sagina (1974), and Duniya (1984).

Saira Banu Old Photo 4
Not sure how millions of times this face appears in dreams of Indian men during the 60-70s.

Saira Banu wasn’t active in the Bollywood industry after 1974. In fact, she only appeared sporadically as a cameo or short role during the 1980s. Her last movie was Faisla, released in 1988. The film marked her official retirement after nearly 3 decades in the acting career.

Saira Banu Old Photo 5
A rare Saira Banu pic with actress Bindu (left).

Owing to her charm and talent, Saira Banu beauty queen was among the highest-paid actresses during 1960s and 1970s. That reasons for the massive amount of Saira Banu net worth she has accumulated through the years.

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Saira Banu Old Photo 6
The makeup in this Saira Banu photo makes her look older, but her complexion is youthful as always.

According to recent estimation, Saira Banu net worth is over 476.8 crore of rupees ($65 million). During her active years, Saira Banu actress could earn Rs. 2 lakh ($2,800) per day on average. Just by looking Saira Banu old photos, we can easily understand why she was offered that much. Even when she grows old, her appearance could gather crowds wherever she turns up.

Saira Banu Old Photo 7
No doubt Saira Banu old photos are among the best proof of Bollywood Golden Age.

Besides beauty, talent and wealth, the Saira Banu beauty queen of old time is also known for her love life with one of the Bollywood greatest actors, Dilip Kumar.

Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar marriage

Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar got married on October 11 in 1966 when she was 22 years old, at the peak of her beauty. Dilip Kumar at that time was 45 and an experienced in love. He used to be in a 7-year-long relationship with Bollywood actress Madhubala but didn’t marry her. During this time, Kumar was also gossiped to have affair with actress Vyjayanthimala, his third love after Kamini Kaushal and Madhubala.

However, his wedding with Saira Banu in 1966 put an end for all above linkups, opening a new chapter in Kumar’s personal life. After their wedding, both Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar continued to pursue their career as Saira Banu hasn’t reached her prime time in the industry yet.

Saira Banu And Dilip Kumar 1
Saira Banu married Dilip Kumar when she was 22 and he was 45.

Six years after the marriage, Saira Banu expected their first child in 1972. However, in her eighth month of pregnancy, the actress, unfortunately, developed high blood pressure. Due to the limited technology in healthcare services then, the couple couldn’t save their baby which was strangulated by the umbilical cord.

Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar never had any children after that. Though they didn’t state it out, that fact was probably the reason why Dilip Kumar married his second wife in 1981. That woman was a Hyderabad socialite named Asma Sahiba. However, the marriage soon ended two years later and Asma didn’t give birth to any children as well.

In his biography Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow, he said he and Saira Banu never attempted to have children after all those incidents because they believed that’s God’s will.

Saira Banu And Dilip Kumar 2
The couple lost their child in 1972 and never had children in their life.

Two days ago, Indian netizens on social media celebrated the 54th wedding anniversary of Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar. As Kumar just lost two brothers due to coronavirus, the couple just announced her anniversary online with touching message.

Saira wrote that Oct 11 was always the most beautiful day in her life when Dilip Saheb married her and made all her dreams come true. Kumar also retweeted his wife’s post and reminded everyone to stay safe during the pandemic.

Saira Banu And Dilip Kumar 3
The best photo of the day, a true inspiration for love.

Though both of them suffer difficulties related to elderly health conditions, the lifetime lovebirds often walked out to enjoy the fresh air together while holding each other’s hands. To be honest, if this wasn’t the sweetest love you’ll ever see, then nothing was.

Hope you love our post on Saira Banu old photos and intriguing facts around her life. Please come back for more Bollywood News!

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