Shakti Kapoor Ki Wife & Insecure Moments Of Their Happy-Ending Love Story

Hanima Anand |Sep 10, 2020

Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kolhapure are among the most-loved families in the Bollywood industry, but who knows they used to feel insecure about love and life as well. Read all about Shakti Kapoor ki wife here!

Being one of the most adored families in the film industry, Shakti Kapoor ki wife and the legend actor help others to define love goals. However, not all the time did they feel sure about their relationship, career as well as other matters in life.

Shakti Kapoor Wife
You may not know Shraddha Kapoor inherits the charm from her mother.

In the post below, will tell you more about Shakti Kapoor wife, their love story then marriage so that you know every Bollywood actor, regardless of their fame, is just a human like us.

Shakti Kapoor wife - Shivangi Kolhapure family background

Though many people have already know Shakti Kapoor daughter, the Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor who just starred in Street Dancer 3D this year and Shakti Kapoor son Siddhanth Kapoor, not many are aware that his wife was also a Bollywood actor in the old days.

Shakti Kapoor Family On Vacation
Most people know three of them but not aware of the supportive woman behind this family.

Shakti Kapoor ki wife name is Shivangi Kolhapure, the elder sister of Indian actress and singer Padmini Kolhapure. She also had another younger sister, Tejaswini Kolhapure who is also an actress and model.

Shivangi Kolhapure was born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. As the family hailed from this land, they decided to take Koolhapure as their surname.

Shivangi Kolhapure’s mother is Nirupama Kolhapure (some sources say Anupama Kolhapure). She was born in Karnataka in a Konkani Brahmin family.

The father-in-law of Shakti Kapoor is a talented Veena player and vocalist. His name is Pandharinath Kolhapure. In fact, Shivangi Kolhapure’s father was born into a musical family with many famous vocalists and singers, such as Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle. This reasons why the sister-in-law of Shakti, Padmini, is also a singer besides actress.

Shakti Kapoor And Wife
Shakti Kapoor ki wife is the former Indian actress who co-starred with Mithun Chakraborty in Kismat.

Shakti Kapoor & wife love story - Lots of coincidence

In fact, Shivangi Kolhapure was a former Bollywood actress. She used to be a singer after graduation before moving to the film industry. She had her debut at 1980 with one of her most famous movies, Kismat. Shivangi co-starred Mithun Chakraborty and Ranjita in this film.

Actually, Kismat producers wanted to have Padmini (Shivangi’s sister) in the movie for her reputation but due to Padmini’s issues of dates, they decided to sign Shivangi for her similar charm.

Shakti Kapoor also joined this project but he and his future wife didn’t have any scenes together. They initially had different shooting dates that might never allow them to meet each other. However, one more time, due to the date issues while shooting the movie, the production team arranged them on the same dates for their separate shoots.

That’s how Shakti met his wife and the rest is legendary.

Shakti Kapoor Ki Wife Young Photo
Shraddha Kapoor shared an old photo of young Shivangi on Mother's Day.

The two quickly became friends and fell in love with each other. However, when they decided to get married not long after, they encountered strong disapproval from Shivangi’s family. This is because Shakti came from a middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi while Shivangi was from a Marathi home in Mumbai.

Indeed, Shakti Kapoor wife dated him secretly for two years before she informed her parents of their marriage decision when she clocked the 18th birthday. Contrary to the lovebirds’ expectations, they didn’t get blessings from Shivangi’s parents nor were they allowed to continue their relationship.

Shivangi parents even warned to disown her if she kept on dating the Punjabi actor. The adamant personality from Shakti Kapoor parents-in-law is actually inherited by his wife, so Shivangi refused to listen to her family. She chose love instead.

The young couple decided to ran away and had a court marriage in 1982.

Shakti Kapoor Wife And Daughter Old Photo
Some throwback pictures of Shakti Kapoor family in the old days.

Insecure moments throughout Shakti-Shivangi marriage

When running away from her house, Shakti Kapoor ki wife knew she could hardly come back. She was just 18 years old at that time and hasn’t established a firm position in the industry. Then she had to quit filming to take care of her own family without parents’ support.

Anyone in the situation of Shivangi could easily feel insecure like her at the beginning of their marriage. Her parents disowned her, they vowed to never see her one more time in their life and the stressful relationships actually remained for years later.

Shakti Kapoor And Sridevi In Chaalbaaz
When Shakti established his name in Bollywood, Shivangi had nothing but her love.

Tough times constantly came for Shivangi when Shakti Kapoor became a household name in Bollywood. She, a housewife with no stable career anymore, had witnessed so many beautiful girls around her husband who were able to take him from her at any time. No matter how insecure she felt, she couldn’t seek sympathy or advice from her relatives either because she chose to leave them for love.

It’s not until Shivangi gave birth to Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhanth Kapoor that the Kolhapure family accepted their daughter and grandchildren.

Shakti Kapoor Son Siddhanth Kapoor
Only when Shivangi gave birth to Shraddha and Siddhanth did Kolhapure family accept her.

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The life rollercoaster didn’t let go of Shakti-Shivangi marriage though. In 2005, an undercover reporter revealed a sting video of Shakti Kapoor asking for a sexual favor from her, a disguised aspiring actress. The video was to unveil the dark sides of the industry, the so-called Bollywood casting couch.

Causing a huge controversy, the scandal led to a ban on Shakti Kapoor’s career by the Film and Television Producers Guild.

Though the actor insisted he was framed, Shakti Kapoor's wife Shivangi and daughter Shraddha couldn’t avoid a traumatic phase in their life. Shivangi hardly spoke to the press but Shraddha used to share that she cried a lot after the incident.

Shakti Kapoor Daughter Shraddha Kapoor
The sensitive Shraddha said she cried a lot over her father's scandal.

A happy ending for the devotion of Shakti Kapoor wife

After all those ups and downs, the love between Shakti Kapoor and his wife grows stronger than ever. Thanks to such incidents, they have more chances to know each other better.

Shakti shared in an interview that Shivangi gave him strength, accompanied him through the crisis, and then she loved him more than before. The actor was thankful for his wife and felt rejuvenated.

After all, the woman who ran away from relatives to build her own home from scratch with love deserves complete happiness with two beautiful successful children. And that’s no one but Shakti Kapoor ki wife Shivangi Kolhapure. team wishes Shakti Kapoor family happy times always.

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