Sexual Harassment Case In Bollywood Could Fear New Joiner, Says Saif Ali Khan

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 17, 2018

Saif Ali Khan stated that Bollywood needs to become a safer place for women to work as the recent story of sexual harassment could fear the young talented newcomers.

Sexual harassment in all of its forms was far too large for one person to carry. And harassment at work has become a major problem in the Indian film industry. Producer Saif Ali Khan in an interview demonstrated his view of point that this issue could make people get wrong impression of Bollywood.

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“I know that new joiner might fear to step into Bollywood when they heard the story of sexual harassment happened in the Industry. Therefore, as a member of the fraternity, we have to ensure that everyone will be treated equally with dignity and there will be a safe place to work,” Saif Ali Khan further stated in an interview with IANS.

Also in an interaction with the media, the actor shares about his upcoming film Baazaar which he starred a heartless money-minded man.

“To have a good life and to protect my family, money is important”

When asked if he shares something in common with his character in his latest film, in particular about life and money, Said confessed: “Yes and No.”

He held a belief that money is important in life as it helps him to protect his family and to have a good quality of life.

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However, as Saif said, he approaches this matter from other perspectives. “My character thinks that ‘Money is God’ and only money cannot give you happiness" . As the producer statement, that is the highlighted point that makes the difference between him and Saif's character in the upcoming film. 

Acting is Saif Ali Khan lifelong passion

“I love my creative job as an actor. Starring for a good movie, building a character from the scratch and deliver the best performance as I could”, the Bollywood actor gave a piece of his mind.

However, the most important thing in the 48-year old actor’s life is not running after success, but to live a happy life with unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Sharing about his hobby, Saif said he enjoys: a good book, best whiskey and Chinese food, three things that could make a perfect night. Above all, after busy working time, he wants to have a quality time with friends and family member.

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Lastly, the producer concluded by saying money could never give the bonding and love he has with his family. 

He learnt acting from his mother Sharmila Tagore

Saif Ali Khan made his debut in 1993, starred in numerous project such as hum Saath-Saath Hain, Parineeta, Omkara and Race, Kal Ho Naa Ho…

Along with knowledge and experience he gained from reality, the actor revealed his secret behind every character he played. Knowingly, he is the son of the Bollywood actress icon Sharmila Tagore. And according to him, the veteran actress is his first teacher in acting.

“Treat the camera like an observant woman who captures every single more very carefully is what Ammi taught me”, the actor recounts.

Besides, Saif also learnt acting from experienced masters like Mahesh Bhatt taught him to keep a simple mind in observing things while Sooraj Barjatya gave him a tip by letting background music completes its task. 

Most importantly, Vikramaditya Motwane inspired Saif with the ability to comprehend the energy inside every character and how to set the right tone for the role he played.


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