Secret Revealed! Reason Why Sonam Kapoor Decided To Get Married To Rich Businessman Ahuja

Leela Adwani |Apr 23, 2020

Many said the actress Sonam Kapoor gets married to Ahuja just because of how rich he is. Find out the reason!

Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor and her businessman husband Anand Ahuja are no strangers to loveable romance relationship. They always manage to give us major couple goals from writing cute comments on each other’s posts to giving social-media PDA moments. It goes without saying that they are too cute to handle.

Why Sonam Kapoor got married to Anand Ahuja

Recently, the beautiful actress walked down a happy memory lane to share a throwback photoshoot which took place during the time she first met her destiny. She shared how she basked in the success of her 2016 release Neerja and ended up falling in love with a good man who later became her husband Anand Ahuja.

Sonam Kapoor Anand Ahuja Love Story
Sonam Kapoor's throwback photoshoot

She captioned,

"One of my favourite portraits, I was at my most pensive, it was a day or two after #neerja released, despite the success and adulation I wasn't feeling ecstatic.. @rammadhvani said it was a feeling of equanimity which is good. I took a year off to feel something better than what I was feeling , in that journey in falling in love with who I was I meet my life partner @anandahuja. This picture is a symbol of a crossroads to the journey of fulfilment, that doesn't come with work or a relationship, it comes with being someone who doesn't need any of the above to complete them but someone who is inspired by themselves to feel complete."

Speaking of the reason why Sonam Kapoor decided to get married to a man from a completely different field rather than one from the entertainment industry like her, sometimes similarities come from hobbies, interests. In fact, Sonam Kapoor is known to be the ultimate fashionista of B-town. She is popular for not only her natural but mesmerizing acting chops but also her tremendous fashion sense.

Sonam Kapoor Anand Ahuja Love Story 2
Both of them have a great fashion sense

Meanwhile, Anand Ahuja is a handsome, successful, and wealthy Delhi-based businessman who owns the famous fashion label named "Bhane". He is also co-owner of the firest sneaker store "Veg Non Veg" in India.

Sonam Kapoor Anand Ahuja Love Story 3
Major social media PDA goals
Sonam Kapoor Anand Ahuja
Happy marriage life
Sonam Kapoor Anand Ahuja Love Story Ft
Countless luxurious vacations

No prize for guessing, Anand had a style crush on Sonam and perhaps, fashion is the bridge bringing them together. Many said the actress loves Ahuja just because of how rich he is. However, the couple fought all odds and criticism to have a happy married life.

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