Read What Saif Ali Khan Has To Say On CAA Protests In India

Imran Asif Fazal |Jan 05, 2020

Saif Ali Khan believes that he is not that privileged to comment on serious issues like CAA and chose to remain neutral about the incident.

There was a huge uproar against Citizen Amendment Act across India. Several protests took place in the country while public property was damaged. Many people were injured and few succumbed to their injuries. Celebrities across all walks of life condemned the Citizen Amendment Act which made it a hot issue in India. Saif Ali Khan was questioned about his stand about CAA to which he claimed that he has not formed any opinion about the issue.

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During an interaction with media agency, Saif Ali Khan was questioned as to why he was silent on the issue pertaining to CAA. To which the actor revealed that he is yet to educate himself completely about the Citizen Amendment Act. Many celebrities like him have remained neutral about the huge political development in the country fearing backlash.

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Saif Ali Khan said that taking a stand on an issue in a country like ours can sometimes have different results as compared to other places where people voice their opinions and move on in life. He indirectly referred that if he voices his opinion, he would face backlash from supporters of CAA which would not only hamper his personal life but also his acting career.


However Saif steered himself away from the controversial topic and said that he still trying to form his opinion about the issue. He said that if he says something, it would be louder and people will be happy about the impact. But he is not sure if he can do that yet. He also claimed that he does not feel disenfranchised with this attitude. He believes that he is not that privileged to enter into such conversation with clear point of view.

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When asked if he is happy with the situations that are taking place in the country to which he claimed that he has a perfect life living in India and hopes that it will be much better in future. He has high hopes on the way things are being resolved. He is happy with the way medical facilities, education and employment he is getting in the country.

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