Mira Rajput Looks Glorious Besides Shahid Kapoor After Giving Birth To their Second Child

Priyansh Ha |Sep 20, 2018

Shahid Kapoor and his beautiful wife Mira Rajput are definitely the flavour of the season. Anything the young couple does is taken by their fans with love and affection. Early this September, Mira has...

There is no doubt that this year is the year of Shahid Kapoor. Regarding his career, after the great success of Stress, his second film will be released soon this month. Another good news is, Shahid's wife, Mira Rajput just gave birth to their second children. Days after the birth of Zain, Mira gave her first public appearance stepping out together with Shahid.

They showed up in Mumbai for an event and both are glowing. Mira was so relaxed in a casual dress posing with her husband in ton-sur-ton long shorts and a T-shirt.

The Meaning Of Their Son's Name

Despite a long period of pregnancy, Mira still remains her comfortable and stylish look. In facts, she even setS up a new standard of fashion sense. Her style is so simple yet classic and attractive.

The couple also reveals the reason why their son was named Zain. As Shahid picked the name for Misha, their 2-year-old daughter, it is now Mira's turn to choose a name for their newborn. His name Zain means beauty and grace in Arabic. In facts, both of them had agreed with the name before Misha was born. If it was a son, he would name Zain and if it was a daughter, they would call her Misha.

Not only the couple but Shahid parents were blessed by the presence of the new family member. Pankaj Kapoor, Shahid's father, has shared that he felt like the whole family was completed and came closer thanks to Mira. It was even beyond the happiness to Neelima, Shahid's mother. She said that it was an amazing development of the family that she always expects. She also hopes that Zain will grow up healthily and happily, and he will be handsome as his dad and uncle.

Meanwhile, Shahid is going to release a new film called Batti Gul Meter Chalu on Friday. The movie is about an electric issue in the small city. It was two important events happening at the same time, which only allows Shahid one week of paternity leave. When Mira gave birth to Misha, he even took months off.


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