Before Tested Positive For Coronavirus, These Are Other Times Kanika Kapoor Made Headlines With Controversies

Salena Harshini |Mar 20, 2020

"Baby Doll" singer Kanika Kapoor has recently confirmed to be infected with coronavirus. And this is not the first time she made a mess on social media.

Kanika Kapoor is recently reported to be the very first Bollywood star who is tested positive for coronavirus. The singer has currently come back from her trip to London after staying at an extravaganza hotel and partaking in a dinner party.

She is the owner of many hit songs such as Baby Doll, Lovely, and Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan. In the past, the mother-of-three has made headlines several times for not solely for her talents but also for the controversies she got embroidered into.

Kanika Kapoor 3
Kanika Kapoor is the first Indian star to be contracted with coronavirus

Today, take a look at the times Kanika Kapoor hits the headlines with controversies surrounding both her professional and private life.

1. Conflict with Dr.Zeus

British musical composer Dr. Zeus asserted that the singer was lifting several of his work, claiming them hers and selling it to music labels with no permission.

Kanika Kapoor Dr Zeus
Her showdown with Dr. Zeus was an ink-spilled scandal

Replying to this, Kanika denied the claim and even attacked him on radio and social media.

2. Her marriage at a young age

Kanika Kapoor stirred up the netizens when she got candid on her horrible marriage when she was 18 and how she got divorced at the age of 34. Her inspiring story took up the headlines for a while.

Kanika Kapoor
Her marriage life attracted a lot of talk around the town

3. Dating rumors with the son of Shobhaa De

Apparently, she was dating Indian novelist Shobhaa De’s son Aditya Kilachand. She also posted several pictures of them on a vacation with common friends on Instagram.

Kanika Kapoor 1
Her dating rumor is also concerned

4. Being unprofessional at an event

She was reported a cheat an event manager. Although Kanika Kapoor agreed on attending an event, she didn’t show up for the event at the event and did not return the money she had been paid.

Kanika Kapoor Corona
She was considered an unprofessional singer

5. Being tested positive for fatal Coronavirus

Her latest controversy is she is the first celebrity in India to carry coronavirus. She reportedly came back from her trip to London and was tested positive for the disease.

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