Irrfan Khan Net Worth 2020 – More Speculations Around His Unpublic Will

Leela Adwani |Apr 29, 2020

For one point in time, the late actor made it to the coveted list of highest earners of the entire entertainment industry. Read on to know more about his net worth!

It’s not an overstatement to say actor Irrfan Khan (passed away on 29 April 2020) was a legend and one of the finest actors of the Indian cinema. He was also a versatile actor in the film industry and starred in several Hollywood blockbusters like Life of Pi, Jurassic World, Inferno, and Spider-Man. His excellent acting chops made him gain so much fame in both Bollywood and Hollywood.

Irrfan Khan Net Worth
His net worth is reported at around Rs 350 crores

The late actor started his career when he finished his study at the National School of Drama in New Delhi. His first role was in a television drama and shortly after that he flew high in his professional work and became one of the household names of the Hindi film industry. If you are curious about the net worth of the National Film Award winner after his death, here are the details.

Irrfan Khan net worth 2020

According to, the net worth of Irrfan Khan is around $50 million (Rs 350 crores). It was reported that other than working in films, Irrfan also had another position as a stage actor which considerably added to his total source of income.

Irrfan Khan Net Worth 2
Irrfan Khan and his wife

Not just this, Khan was also a producer. For one point in time, the late actor made it to the coveted list of highest earners of the entire entertainment industry.

When he hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer yet, the actor had endorsed many brands which brought him a lucrative income. It stands to the reason behind Irrfan Khan net worth that is far beyond our imagination.

Who will be the heirs of Irrfan Khan net worth?

Irrfan Khan was father to two children Babil Khan and Ayan Khan, husband to Sutapa Sikdar. They got married in the year 1995.

Reports have it that the actor spent his last hours with whom he cared the most, his family, and his love. Even though the will of the actor hasn't been informed publicly, speculations are still rife on such topics.

It's common knowledge that his wife and sons will be the primary heirs of Irrfan Khan net worth but nothing is for sure when the information is still kept private. There are many cases when celebrities leave their properties to pets or charity funds instead of family members.

Having said that, we are sure this Bollywood legend won't let his children and wife live in poverty when he always shows the utmost care to them.

Irrfan Khan Net Worth
Irrfan Khan and his sons at an event.

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Set the topic about Irrfan Khan net worth aside, once again we want to thank him for all his contribution to the film industry. Like Bollywood veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan wrote in his tweet, he was “an incredible talent, a gracious colleague, a prolific contributor to the World of Cinema.”

Rest In Peace, Our Legend!

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