Hrithik Roshan Shows His Concern About Action Films As Its "Spoon-Feeding" Nature

Nalini Suri |Sep 29, 2019

Ahead to "War" release at the beginning of October, Hrithik Roshan shares his worries upon the development of action films to attract more viewers.

Action films in each entertainment industry hold a separating characteristic but Hrithik Roshan has raised a query about "spoon-fed and very easy" action scenes in Bollywood. The actor has his own concern when action movies truly contain a deeply logical strategy and plan apart from thrilling scenes of beating, shooting or throwing heavy stuff.

hrithik roshan at gq award
Hrithik Roshan at GQ Award 2019

Throughout the time, Hrithik has remained an appropriate manner in the 1980s, 1990s and until 2000s in action movies. He has headed for the cast of Dhoom 2, Bang Bang!, Mission Kashmir and the promising hit War opposite Tiger Shroff, redefining an exceptionable Bollywood action genre.

hrithik roshan in war movie

In response to the reason of filmmakers' apprehension towards action genre today, Hrithik shared that:


hrithik roshan in war movie

At the age of 45, the superstar still hits the eyeballs of the glam world for his adorable look as a Greek God of B-town. In his professional life, the actor always carves a standard from Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and a benchmark for action films as Mission Impossible.

He said:


hrithik roshan in war movie

However, Hrithik seems to witness a slight change in how the action genre improves. He stated:



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