How Was Irrfan Khan Like In Real Life? Unrevealed Facts About The Late Legendary Actor

Salena Harshini |Apr 29, 2020

This tribute to the late actor is the compilation of real experiences from ones who encountered Irrfan Khan in real life.

The whole world is shaking after the unfortunate demise of legend Irrfan Khan. Gone at the age of 53, he is the Indian actor who is famous for the unique versatility in his acting career.

He rose to fame after partaking in Haasil (2003) and Maqbool (2004), and went on to make a huge impact with his role in acclaimed films such as Lunchbox, Life Of Pi, Inferno, Angrezi Medium… Being a recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri award and the artiste who shone in both Bollywood and Hollywood, Irrfan Khan is truly the symbol, the pride of India.

People mostly know him through his on-screen roles. So what about him in real life that left many sobbing after his demise?

However, have you ever wonder “How was Irrfan Khan like in real life?”. What makes him such an admired persona among this huge industry? All is revealed here, through the scopes of those who have encountered him in the off-screen world.

A committed and diligent actor

Irrfan Khan sought to create a solid foundation and would like to make long hours and hard work his means to achieve success rather than going on a rich quick shortcut.

As a down to earth, practical person with strong ideas about right or wrong, the actor is organized, orderly and once he is committed to something, he would try his best to attain it.

Irrfan Khan Life Of Pi
A cut from "Life of Pi" in which his natural and heartfelt acting was widely-acclaimed

Irrfan Khan is a courageous builder and the foundation of any pursuit. It was his hard work in honing and wisely use the acting chops that earn him the rewards and recognition he deserves.

A genuine, considerate human being

A reporter who met Irrfan Khan face to face has shared her honest thoughts on the actor.

He is said to smoothly wear his confidence and to never throw tantrums like other Bollywood celebs. Also, he was not ever tardy and always showed up on time for the interviews while speaking with gentle grace.

Irrfan Khan 1
The late artiste left incredibly good impressions with the reporters

With all the questions from the reporters, he stayed calm and patient always. Irrfan Khan was either not the kind of celebrity who expected the journalists to send him questions in readiness so he could choreograph a cleansed interview.

The actor may have taken part in over 100 movies, but what truly impressed others about him was the fact that Irrfan belonged to a different school of artists -  ones who are not afraid to follow and express unconventional opinions and who did not bob off from going against the tide.

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More certified facts about the late actor

At 53, Irrfan Khan established himself as a veteran acting character. Considered to have a too unconventional look for a Bollywood lead, too “Indian for Hollywood” and too little-known, he perfected the art of vanquishing from the nothing.

Irrfan Khan Wife
Irrfan and his wife Supata Sikdar

These are more things about him that explain why he is so admirable and respected:

  • He was an introvert, he did not find it easy to share his feelings.
  • He never had a high nose attitude in spite of his remarkable success in the career. Irrfan Khan remains the most massive Indian cultural “export” and movie festival favorite, yet he never let the global fame turn him to an arrogant man.
Irrfan 1
The star remained humble no matter how many attainments he had achieved
  • The actor was kind-hearted and did not fancy killing animals, regardless of for food or for fun.
  • Irrfan Khan turned vegetarian although he hailed from a Muslim family. How often do you see Muslims turn a vegetarian by choice?
  • As a thinker, he always struggled within himself and questioned what he was made to believe.
Irrfan Khan
He had everything it takes to be the top admired actor in the industry
  • For the unversed, the Slumdog Millionaire actor felt extremely low of his looks throughout his life. That did not stop him from being the legend of India film, though.
  • He seemed neutral on most of the rising matters but was actually not.
  • The best one: Irrfan Khan is a proud Indian who loves his country.

Khan, the icon of Indian cinema who owned a string of Anglo-American successes under his belt, including Life of Pi, Jurassic World, and Slumdog Millionaire passed away this morning, April 29, 2020.

Condolences to the most solid actor and the most admirable human being we have ever known. Our hearts are always with you!


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