Horn Ok Pleassss Producer Claims Tanushree Dutta Was On Her Periods During Nana Patekar Debacle!

Author |Oct 05, 2018

The public is devastated to see film-makers and directors giving such cold-hearted and disgusting comments against Tanushree Dutta.

Sami Siddique - a Horn OK Please producer - is in hot water for his heartless comment about Tanushree's Sexual Harassment case.

During an interview, Sami Siddique was questioned about his thoughts on what could happen in the case of Tanushree. Even though Sami Siddique later added that he was not there and would not have any idea of what really took place, the producer gave some very heartless comments.

When asked to give comments, Sami Siddique said that he believes Tanushra was only in her bad mood, due to being on her period. What could be worse than such a comment?

The case where Tanushree filed an official complaint about sexual harassment against Nana Patekar has been the topic of talks lately. Tanushree mentioned that the incident happened on the sets of Honk OK Please. That could be the reason why reporters have turned to Sami Siddique to interview. He has been one of the producers of Honk OK Please.

Sami's comment has belittled the allegations that Tanushree has made. His opinion does not only disrespect Tanushree and her pain but also shows how a part of the society thinks about this incident. Indeed, he says that he thinks because she was on her periods, hence just "a little touch" has caused her to feel irritated.

Director Rakesh Sarang Says Tanushree Dutta Did It For A Bigg Boss Entry
Tanushree Dutta

Director Rakesh Sarang: Tanushree Dutta Just wanted to be on Bigg Boss

Beside Sami Siddique, another director to have said something so wrong. The Horn OK Please director - Rakesh Sarang - has reasoned that Tanushree is only fighting for attention. Rakesh says that Tanushree's real target is to have enough publicity again to get a role on Bigg Boss. He claims that his reasons are backed and that some mystical people have already refused that. The way he talks of it makes it sounds like Tanushree has lost her chance to get into Bigg Boss.

Director Rakesh Sarang Says Girls Even Upload Their Bedroom Videos For Publicity

Director Rakesh Sarang Blames Girls for Seeking Attention by Sharing their Private Videos Publicly

On the same interview, Rakesh Sarang did not stop there. The interviewer asked about why he thought Dutta had to go through all of this, just to make her way into Bigg Boss. With no hesitation, Rakesh Sarang said that girls these days share their private sex videos publicly onto the internet. He believes that it is the way the industry works nowadays. He reasons that people agree to get naked for publicity, hence it goes the same for this case.

Tanushree Dutta Just Wants Publicity

"She Is Playing Victim Just For Publicity"

Rakesh Sarang goes on to explain what he understands about the young females. He says that these females will bargain for fame, even though they might be given bad names later on. He thinks social media has been helping these females to gain the publicity they yearn for.  He says that if Tanushree actually tells the truth and wants justice, not publicity, then she could have gone to the police.

What A Sad Day

It Has Been A Sad Day

The public is devastated to see film-makers and directors giving such cold-hearted and disgusting comments against Tanushree Dutta. At the same time, the Mumbai police have shockingly filed a complaint against Tanushree. That is because she has defamed MNS chief Rai Thackeray. What a sad day, indeed!


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