Tanushree Dutta Slams Singer Neha Kakkar For Working With Anu Malik

Imran Asif Fazal |Nov 18, 2019

Recently, singer Neha Kakkar was forcibly groped and kissed by a fan during "Indian Idol" auditions which had led to huge uproar.

Actress Tanushree Dutta who had accused actor Nana Patekar for allegedly molesting her. This had led to start of #MeToo movement in the Bollywood industry. Now, Tanushree Dutta in an interview slammed singer Neha Kakkar for working with #MeToo accused Anu Malik. Recently, singer Sona Mohapatra had slammed Sony TV for hiring Anu Malik as one of the judge in Indian Idol.

Anu Malik

During the interview, Tanushree Dutta said, "What shocks me most is how Sony, which is supposed to be a family-friendly channel, has allowed such a person to remain as a judge when several talented and high-profile women have come forward with their stories of harassment against him. Are TRPs more important than human values? Shouldn’t people who misbehave be held accountable for their deeds."

Mumbai Actress Tanushree Promote During Interactio
Source: Hindustan Times

Tanushree Dutta further said, "She might have got a taste of what it feels like to be harassed when a contestant forcibly kissed her on the show. But again, like her decision to work with Anu Malik, Neha decided not to press charges on the disgusting guy! It was cringe worthy to watch a female celebrity being mauled like that on TV."

Singer Sona Mohapatra Takes A Dig At Anu Malik As
Image Source: India Today

I want to stand up, raise my hands up and applaud Sona Mohapatra along with others for fighting the good fight against Anu Malik’s reinstatement in Indian Idol. She added.

Singer Anu Malik while giving his clarification had said, "It has been over a year that I have been accused of something that I haven’t done. I have been silent all this while as I was waiting for the truth to surface on its own. But I realise that my silence on the matter has been misconstrued as my weakness," he wrote, adding that it had taken a toll on his and his family’s mental health and left him traumatized, and tarnished my career. Being a father of two daughters, I can’t imagine committing the acts that I am accused of, let alone do it."


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