Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit: Uncovering 10 Interesting Secrets About Timeless Beauty In "Kalank"

Kareena Kusari |May 15, 2019

Regardless of her latest flick "Kalank" box-office failure, admirers always enthusiastically welcome Madhuri Dixit's comeback after her lengthy absence from the screen.

Nine years earlier, Madhuri Dixit's sudden career break as being at the peak of her career left many regrets in the audiences. After the wedding with Dr. Sriram Nene, the US-based cardiovascular surgeon, the veteran actress settled in the United States for nine years before coming back to India in 2011.

Despite the age of 52 together with a career spanning over 35 years, the radiant beauty and the brilliant smile once conquering millions of fans still stay intact on Madhuri Dixit's beautiful face. Regardless of her latest flick Kalank's box-office failure, admirers always enthusiastically welcome Madhuri's comeback after her lengthy absence from the screen.

Today, on the occasion of Madhuri’s 52nd birthday, let's dig deep into ten lesser-known secrets about this one time talent.

1. Dancing was a childhood passion

Before stepping into the acting industry, Madhuri Dixit pursued the career with Kathak dance. She started the Kathak class at the age of three and once won a dancing scholarship as a nine-year little girl. In the eyes of Pandit Birju Maharaj, the Kathak exponent cum Madhuri's choreographer in 2018 Devadas, the veteran actress is the best dancer in the industry.

2. Initially having a passionate interest in microbiology

Madhuri Dixit has conquered Bollywood audiences with her excellent acting and superior dancing talent for years. But do you know that the actress was initially more interested in microbiology than acting? Of course, she also obtained a degree in microbiology.

3. Once suffered from skin disease

Madhuri Dixit once suffered from acne, which is the real headache for the actresses, during her acting career. Although the glowing skin is an essential prerequisite to the actress' radiance, the acne problem has never hindered Madhuri from reaching success.

4. A lake named Madhuri

Madhuri Dixit 1 Desktop Background
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There is a lake in Arunachal Pradesh state, which is formerly named Sangetsar, was honored to change its name to Madhuri Lake. The soundtrack from one of her flicks, 1997 Koyla, was pictured there.

5. 14 Filmfare nominations

Madhuri Dixit 4 Wallpapers House
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Madhuri is the solely proud possessor of 14 Filmfare nominations, with four Best Actress winners and twice in other categories.

6. Being the highest-paid actress at the peak of her career

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Reportedly, Madhuri received a fee of Rs 2.7 crore for her portrayal in Hum Aapke Hain Koun, even higher than her co-star Salman Khan in the 1994 movie.

7. Well-known painter M.F. Hussain is Madhuri Dixit's avid fan

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Mesmerized by Madhuri Dixit's pure beauty, famous painter M.F Husain watched Hum Aapke Hain Koun, starring Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan, up to 67 times. More interestingly, the painter booked an entire theatre to welcome her comeback in 2007 Aaja Nachle. Not just this, Madhuri became his source of inspiration for his many paintings.

8. Once wore a 30kg costume

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In spite of donning a unique costume weighing 30 kgs in 2002 Devdas' soundtrack Kaahe Chhedd Mohe, Madhuri Dixit still excellently completed her whole scenes.

9. Reputation cross Indian borders

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During the Kargil war, Pakistan army said,

Screenshot 15

10. Madhuri went without makeup for Nana Patekar’s 1991 Prahaar.


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