Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor: Bebo's Best Moments Captured With Her Family

Harshini |Sep 21, 2019

In the event of 39th birthday of "Begum of Bollywood" Kareena Kapoor Khan, take a look at her best photos with her family.

Begum of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan, is celebrating her 39th birthday today and here are some photos to get the party ignited in the best way. We would like to bring you the best photos capturing her precious moments of the actress with hubby Saif Ali Khan, little pup Taimur, her sister Karisma Kapoor… her family.

For this year, Bebo has her birthday celebration with her husband and son at Saif’s ancestral house in Pataudi. The big family has been seen to arrive there and to have a good time on Kareena’s birthday.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has always asserted how important her family is to her. This year, on talking to Humans of Bombay, an Instagram page, the actor shared that Karisma was the guide who assisted her in making the right decisions at the early stages of Kareena’s career.

Meanwhile, she also mentioned that Saif helped the actress pull herself together and to gain confidence when she met failure. The actress said,

Screenshot 17

Kareena Kapoor Shines In An Orange One Shoulder Dr

The actress added,

Screenshot 18

Kareena also shared about what Saif talked about marrying her to her mom. As to Bebo, “We’d been dating for a while, when he said he’s not 25 & can’t keep dropping me home every night. So he told my mom, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We want to live together.’ My mom was cool with it. It’s so easy with him. Even when we decided to get married, it felt right.”

Taimur Ali Khan1

The couple then gave birth to Taimur Ali Khan and now, Kareena can’t imagine the picture of her life without him, “A few years later, I was blessed with our son, Taimur. Motherhood is the greatest thing that’s happened to me. Taimur is a part of me - I can’t go an hour without him. He’s always with me wherever I am. He makes me want to work harder every day.”

Take a look at some of her best snaps with her dear family:

Kareena Fam

Kareena Fam1

Kareena Fam2 Kareena Fam3 Kareena Fam4 Kareena Fam5

Kareena 1

Kareena Fam6 Kareena Fam7

Saif Ali Khan Kareena Enjoy Party Time With Karism

Kareena then also took the pic to her own social media handles. One of the most eye-catching photos is one with Kareena and Saif sharing an intimate kiss. Both of the stars were donning casual clothes, making it look like a cosy home affair.

We are all thrilled to see her have such a memorable time of her life. Best wishes from us to our actress Kareena Kapoor!

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